The Future Foxhole Candidates At The 2016 #NFLCombine

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 5.06.16 PM ^well for one,
braxton miller of the ohio buckeyes,
who is above.
he does things to me.
so after last years bust with “2015 cuties at the nfl combine”,
a foxholer sent me the following for 2016.
here go some future foxhole pre baller wolf prospects

  1. brandon wilds (south carolina game cocks)
    2. braxton miller (ohio state buck eyes)
    3. peyton barber (auburn tigers)
    4. ezekiel elliot (ohio state buckeyes)
    5. derrick henry (alabama crimson tide)
    6. trevone boykin (tcu horned frogs)
    7. tyler boyd (pittsburgh panthers)
    8. cody core (ole miss)
    9. sterling shepard (oklahoma sooners)
    10. robert nkemdiche (ole miss)


…with a video of foxhole fav,
robert nkemdiche,
in action:

…and these are just candidates from one foxholer.

giphyi’m sure more will start piling in soon.
as always:

Accepting pre baller wolves prospects for review

i’d love to sniff some meat out.
i’m still waiting for that “devin thomas” show stopper.

lowkey: many of ^them had snow bunnies.
i’ll take it as the colleges they attend(ed).

thank you to the foxholer who sent in the pre baller meat.
as always,
i appreciate all that you do to keep my updated.

check out more nfl combine videos: nfl youtube

8 thoughts on “The Future Foxhole Candidates At The 2016 #NFLCombine

  1. LOL…I feel dirty for saying so, but Robert Nkemdiche has been on my radar for a long time. He and his brother are cuties and the boys got bodies on them!! They love the snow bunnies though! Robert has/had one…not sure about his brother.
    That silhouette of Braxton Miller makes you drool. LOL

  2. Don’t forget Chris Jones with his big ass dick and balls. Can you imagine what it would sound like with his balls slapping. lol.

  3. I will take one of each “To Go” with the legs up. Thank you in advance for completing this order 🙂

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