You’re Ugly and Doomed If You’re Dark Skinned

0f6cc0ddde5e7e5fcd1c74cd213cf3c9well i didn’t say it.
so it seems if you don’t pass the paper bag test of life,
or if you don’t turn red if you get slapped in the face,
then you are doomed to a life of despair.
that and working the counter at some fast food restaurant.
yes foxhole.
life ain’t pretty if you are of the dark skinned complexion.
well for vixens anyway.
the wolves are “mandingo warriors who beat the coochie up on the low”.
in our side of the forest:

drake complected
light skinned tears

extreme amounts of narcissism

…pass the test.
am i wrong?
so a foxholer sent me the following story.
it was about a dark skinned vixen and our people who hated on her.
she was featured in this video with her ex boyfriend for “elite daily”.
check it out and then see what they said about her via blackgirllonghair
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Gonorrhea Is The New AIDS (Pass It On)

germs2-blogan f-bi sent me an email with this new report and i had to ask myself:

am i ever going to enjoy the joy of good dick again?…

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