you will not hold lizzo and her cheeks down!

i like lizzo,
but i think there is a time and place for everything.
as you know,
lizzo caused serious controversy when she had her cheeks out in a thong.
only thing is,
she did it at a basketball game where she did a full twerk to her song…

they cut to the next scene so fast.
she got dragged for her antics so she released a statement via her ig live


okay so she has no fucks to give.
i like her spunk.

so i’m all for lizzo being free to do what she wants,
but ima need her to understand there is a time and a place.
a basketball game,
where kids are in high abundance,
is not the place to have your whole tail out.
on a stage,
uncle roscoe’s cookout,
some ratchet environment,
or your social media(s),
you are free to do you as you please.
she has to always remember her audience.
she’ll be fine tho.
her lack of common sense is hardly a banishing moment.
they let britney live and become a legend after that controversial 1999 rolling stone cover.

my real question tho…

I hope her bare ass wasn’t on those nasty ass seats?

if so,

43 thoughts on “you will not hold lizzo and her cheeks down!

  1. All I see is another black woman dressing provocatively and shaking her ass to be overly sexual. Nothing new.

    Do you, boo, but don’t cry about finding no man just because he wants to shoot some loads in you and blocked your number after. This generation is getting dumb and I am just sorry that I was born in this era.

  2. Just came off Twitter and saw a nice post from the Houston Rockets saying they like Lizzo moves and she can come dance with them and they tagged her in it…I scroll down to the comments and there is literally nothing but jokes about her body and weight from people. People are comparing her to heavy built male characters with pictures and beyond in those comments. Calling her overweight or a large animal.

    I’m glad she has a strong spirit though. Some people of the Internet are emotional cancer and miserable trolls for real. They do their best to break your spirit.

    I understand we all have our faults but some people are pure evil/negative and when something bad happens to them in their daily life they looking around confused with “Who, what, when where..Why this happen to me?”

  3. The main issue I have is that people are claiming she’s inappropriate yet the entire NBA cheer squad and NFL dance girls be bouncing and shaking their asses around in barely next to nothing all in front of little girls and boys.

    People are hella inconsistent about what they consider inappropriate. Within a certain group, a lot of stuff we see and view are inappropriate.

    As far as Gays are concerned, the straights think they are inappropriate automatically because of their lifestyle choice. They don’t even have to get naked, holding hands is enough to trigger disgust.

    And not to be funny, while some of the gays are talking about Lizzo’s method of dress, if they showed two men hugged up or sharing a kiss like they would a straight couple onscreen at an NBA event, I bet you $100 they’d cut that clip just as fast and call it INAPPROPRIATE too..

    My other issue is that some time ago I used to always say how inappropriate Cardi B was and how slutty she carried herself. She explicitly says “She doesn’t give a f**k and ain’t trying to be no role model.” The response was she living her truth and she real despite her flaring arrogance.

    Like Lizzo gives no f**ks and I am here for it. If the security or police did not escort her from the premises for indecent exposure, why tf would a confident woman like herself care about what a bunch of randoms have to say over the internet?

    Her response to the haters and fans was perfectly put. She actually tells people to love themselves and appreciate who they are.

    And I used the Marvel comparison to show how people’s views are skewed. Kids these days play video games and listen to music with hella violence in them with lots of sexualized and disrespectful lyrics that have unrealistic expectations.

    The youngest children most likely are too young to understand what is going on and could care less about it.

    What people really find offensive is a woman being free and expressing herself & it goes way beyond being proper but more of living up to a religious archtype of what it means to be a decent person.

    Keep in mind, they feel two men and two women showing affection is also inappropriate and they don’t want their children to see that either.

    Folks love to judge by appearance instead of character a lot these days.

    That’s exactly why Trump is President, Instagram is popular and you can win an award based on popularity instead if talent.

    1. I was shook when they cursed in the Marvel movies. People are inconsistent with their judgment.

      I don’t think the outfit is appropriate, but let a smaller entertainer have worn it and it’d be more “YASS BYTCH!”

      People keep saying Rihanna and Beyonce never do this when they have. Not even going to bother arguing as nobody will acknowledge Rihanna’s CFDA 2014 outfit smh

      1. A woman in a thong should be the least of folks worries when every other week I’m hearing about some innocent people getting shot up for no reason. Not just one, but multiple deaths and shootings in Clubs, Grocery stores, Schools and beyond.

      2. Rihanna had her titties out at a Basketball game that same year. She wore a see thru white shirt with no bra with her titties showing the entire game. Rihanna has shown more that on many occasions. Now she covers up.

  4. At least have some shape to the ass if you gonna show it. Her ass looks disgusting because it’s big, flabby and flat. Beyoncé said if you got it flaunt it but Lizzo ain’t got it so bitch cover up! Be fat with a coke bottle shape.

  5. I don’t think Lizzo did anything wrong honestly. It’s a new day and age where kids and families have access to Soo much nowadays due to the internet. The cheerleaders show plenty of cleavage and legs and sometimes a bit of derriere but the moment Lizzo does it, it’s a problem. I think the problem stems fr the shock of it all. No one knew what she was wearing until she turned around and it was shown on the Jumbo Screen. I think Lizzo living in her truth and giving inspiration to those who need to love themselves regardless is commendable and straight up and the fact she does it unapologetically so is the dopest. She has spoken nothing but live your life and do you with your head held high and the utmost confidence. This is not the first time Lizzo has expressed herself fashion wise and it won’t be the last. She even did so at VMAs where there was a giant ass balloon with a thong simulating twerking and that was in a room full of and on a network geared towards teens to young adults. Here we are in a stadium full of adults who drink, curse, yell in front of their children yet Lizzo having fun and doing her is deemed irresponsible? If anything this misplaced controversy makes me love her even more!

  6. Several celebs have worn outfits with their asses and titties all out at the Oscars. The Oscars by default are considered to be a refined and formal event and you have some that show up in lingerie and they are called bold.

    Some Steton Hall basketball fans (who were All Male) wore Speedos to a basketball event….speedos are pretty skimpy attire for men.

    Lots of other female celebs wear tight ass revealing clothes to Basketball games in an attempt to be cute showing hella cleavage and wearing tight skirts.

    The entire Lakers cheerleading teams wear tight crop tops and booty shorts or tiny skirts. They may not have on thongs but they aren’t exactly dancing like the Mississippi Mass Choir either. Like the nearly almost all NBA cheerleading squads wear revealing scantly clad outfits….but then again, they are all relatively slim too. 🧐

    Those online Folks on Twitter love protecting children when it’s convenient for the narrative. They will raise hell about a thicc woman in a thong but will line kids up to go see a Marvel movie where characters wear tight revealing clothes and beat the hell out of each other consistently for nearly two hours.

    Talking about think of the children while border control got Mexican kids sitting in a cage…. Chi.

    Lizzo probably was told to cover up though most likely. Security probably wouldn’t have let her in with her buns out like that. She may have had something to cover her backside but when she got up to dance, it wasn’t there.

    I know some woman tried to wear something revealing and security wouldn’t let her in unless she covered up and when she didn’t, they didn’t Grant her access.

    1. It’s almost crazy how gay men are on this blog complaining about public nudity. Have y’all seen the pics from pride parades. Those guys with their bodies are hardly covered up. How about the gays who fuck in gyms and saunas. In my opinion some of the gays have lost the right to complain about decorum and decency.

      1. You are making these examples as if the things you mentioned are ok, because they happen. No one is defending sex at the gym or sauna. That’s in appropriate too.

  7. I understand that Lizzo is allegedly comfortable in her skin and is all about body positivity but DAMN BITCH WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO CONVINCE? US OR YOURSELF? At this point she pandering. Her doing all this clown shit just makes her look desperate and inauthentic. She takes advantage of the fact that any critique of overweight women is always deemed as fat shaming. People read Kim Kardashian all the time for the same bullshit so stop with the faux outrage. This has NOTHING to do with Lizzo’s weight and yall know it. If this were Ciara or Demi Lovato my sentiment would be the same-Bitch why so dehydrated? Why so thirsty for attention? Lizzo has 9 grammy nominations and a ton of hits. She’s an a-list artist so why is she cooning for attention that she already has? If Lizzo was a random, non famous bitch they NEVER would have let her in the venue dressed like that or she would have been asked to leave for indecent exposure. And yes people should have the right to take their minor children to a game without being exposed to a women on the jumbo-tron twerking with the ass cut out of her outfit. Their are several artists who push the limits with their PERFORMANCE and red carpet looks but you’ve never seen Bey, Rihanna, etc in a public place with their asses hanging out begging to be looked at. Basically Lizzo is late for these tired ass stunts. Yall act like a little decency and decorum is a bad thing. Who raised yall?

    1. Who said Lizzo was cooning for attention? This is the first time she has been seen in public dressed like that. She has been dressed fully covered. She is at a Basketball Game where there is no dress code, heavy liquor, where other celebrities have done a lot worst. Didn’t nobody say it was tacky when she was walking in the arena. She didn’t change clothes sitting ringside. If she didn’t twerk on the Titantron she wouldn’t even be trending about this right now. Have some of y’all been to a basketball game before? Let alone any sporting events? Do you know what goes on there? Its not a classy event. And to answer your question, no Rihanna didn’t go to a basketball event with her ass out. She went with her titties out the whole game. Lizzo ass was shown for a couple secs because she sat on her thong while they was on the court. Rihanna went without a bra with a loose fitting shirt where you can see her titties and nipples.

  8. I’m don’t see an issue with this to be honest. Cardi B does similar “ratchet” stuff, even worse and they say, “She’s real.” “She just being herself.”

    If a plus size woman does it, oh, she just nasty and disrespectful.

    Most of them folks are there to have fun. No one really even cares. The woman on the far right was a little shocked by all that thicc black ass but she shook it off and went back to enjoying herself.

    I actually like Lizzo’s attitude. She knows the trolls of social media are technological cancer and biased as hell. If I was in her position Id be the same. I don’t have time to pacify a bunch of broke folks online egos.

    Lizzo is a Queen. She doesn’t answer the plea of internet peasants.

    Remember when that black dude wore a jock strap in a public mall and folks thought it was funny? I was like, don’t nobody wanna see you walking around like that,and the majority of the Internet found it sexy.

  9. Tacky is tacky, regardless of size! Time and place, time and place is everything too. Her attire was horrible and very inappropriate for that setting.

    Like, you are already a star/celebrity/known, so why the need to seek attention. In a horrible way too.

    Class and decorum can go a long way!

  10. People keep saying “what about the kids?”. WHAT ABOUT the damn kids? Those same kids that Lizzo ain’t raising. Why should she have to dim herself down for kids she doesn’t have to raise. Secondly when did everyone become so fucking uptight?! It’s a damn ass, a nice one at that. I mean damn. The outfit was supposed to be tongue in cheek. She was having fun. I just wish she sat on a towel.

    1. Another thing: I love how she handled this. She didn’t turn on her camera and become all belligerent. She didn’t come offering a bullshit apology. She’s firm in her decision to wear what she wore and I appreciate that.

  11. Rihanna did this with the Josephine Baker dress so yes people do have a problem with her size. I remember thinking “Eww, she’s at this dinner with her bare butt on the seat?!”

    Lizzo will never be okay until she inevitably looses weight, at which point people will then say she was “pretty both ways” with the fakery.

    1. And that’s the thing. This always happens when plus size women get into the entertainment industry. They’re plus size for the first few years of the career and then they lose the weight. It happened with Janet J, Jennifer Hudson and most recently with Adele. If they’re this pressed on Lizzo’s weight give it another year or two she’ll be sample size.

  12. If she was a small size woman would this be a problem or is it because she a plus size woman it’s a problem

    1. Tacky is tacky, regardless of size! Time and place, time and place is everything too. Her attire was horrible and very inappropriate for that setting.

      Like, you are already a star/celebrity/known, so why the need to seek attention. In a horrible way too.

      Class and decorum can go a long way!

      1. You do know Rihanna has came to a basketball game with her titties out. She sat ringside with no bra on and her titties were showing the whole game. Drinking liquor. You want to know where, April 26, 2014 at a Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors game. Kids were there and I can clearly see her nipples, that wasn’t on the news. “Rihanna is a fashion icon.” Yet she is at a Basketball game where kids are, with her titties out and nobody thought it was disrespectful.

        1. And she is just as tacky for that. Inappropriate is inappropriate. No matter the size or level of “beauty”. Tacky is tacky!

  13. Like, you’re already a star/celebrity/known, why you seeking extra attention. And the outfit/cut out/thong was not flattering.

  14. Beautiful woman! But… not a fan of her music or how she carries herself sometimes, that attire at the game being one of those times.

  15. Its a problem to see a woman having fun but its not a problem when Adults are drinking and cursing in front of those kids because their team is losing or they get into a disagreement with fans. If anything Lizzo was better than the cheerleaders

    1. Celebrities like Lil Boosie have their kids cursing on social media, but this is what will doom the kids.

  16. How is it that they waited until she started twerking to say something about her outfit because clearly she walked in like that and nobody said anything. Why is it all of a sudden shock because she twerked to HER song that THEY played. This is not the first time Lizzo performed like this, she was wearing less than that on the BET stage and kids were watching and they LOVED it. Have they listened to her lyrics?

    1. ^performing and attending a sporting event is two separate bags.

      rihanna is damn near naked on stage,
      but when she does to a game,
      she is dressed appropriately.
      beyonce never wears her performance costumes to events like that.
      even megan the stallion was dressed up when she was at a game.

      1. Lizzo is not Rihanna nor Beyoncé. Sporting events sell nothing but liquor. Those cups have more than fountain drinks in them. People may feel that’s tacky. There is no dress code to go to a basketball game. I didn’t see one kid in that video. First off, the kid is not going to be courtside unless the family got money anyway so let’s be real. Those are reserved for Player’s Wives, Staff, Media, and people like Lizzo, Rihanna and Beyoncé. She had stockings on. All she did was twerk to her song. Cardi B been to basketball games but her songs says a whole lot more. Lizzo songs says to stop listening to people telling “you can’t sit here, seat’s taken”. Its a basketball game, not Broadway, Disney on Ice, Marvel on Ice or any Kid’s Friendly theme. I have seen parents bring kids to some raunchy Pride Parades. Women walking around with titties out, men walking around with asses or more out where they feel comfortable in. A basketball game is essentially the same thing unless it promotes a kids night. Most of the games are over after their bed time anyway. Concession stands sell more liquor than anything and yet people saying kids are there. There are a lot more things going on in a Basketball Game that kids shouldn’t see. Megan twerks all the time with her ass cheeks out and parents bring their kids to see her shows. What song of Megan is kid friendly? Y’all mad because she wore a thong and twerked when she promotes positivity about being who you are as a person and tells you stop letting them put you in a box about what you can and can’t do. She not singing about sucking dick, robbing niggas for their money, killing bitches or any thing we always see Jamari talk about. She sings about being happy, being who you are, giving confidence. She was lit! She got the cup in her hand, that is not Sprite in that cup! If the Laker Girls liked her song to dance to it, why is there a big deal about it. Most of y’all don’t even know who Lizzo is. Those are fold up chairs courtside, they clean those chairs because Adults spill liquor and food on them. I’m pretty sure a kid has walked in on an Adult jag session in the restroom. Lizzo thong is not the worst thing a kid can see at a basketball game.

      2. Exactly, J….can see a lot going on behind all that. My sister has that same complex. I get it…dont mean it’s appropriate tho.

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