you will not hold lizzo and her cheeks down!

i like lizzo,
but i think there is a time and place for everything.
as you know,
lizzo caused serious controversy when she had her cheeks out in a thong.
only thing is,
she did it at a basketball game where she did a full twerk to her song…

they cut to the next scene so fast.
she got dragged for her antics so she released a statement via her ig live

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Did We Know Drake Had Thigh Meat Now?

drake has been growing into a super fine wolf.
every time i see him,
he gets sexier and sexier.
i love his personality too,
but he is clearly on the “glo up” tour.
well not only is papi getting thicker,
i didn’t know his thighs were like this…
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Cruise Controlled

It is funny how things happen.
Life sure has a way of putting a prize in-front of your face like a carrot attached to a string.

Sometimes I think God does these things to keep you moving towards your victory….

….or so he can get a few shits and giggles.

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