Yellow Is The Color Code For Leaked Sex Tapes

so you know that yellow fox i’ve posted about?

you know the one with the alleged leaked videos?
the one with the tatt on his back.
check the archives.
well he is back with another alleged leak.
check it out…


okay now go…



why does this keep happening?
how many jackals are you burning bridges with that they keep leaking your shit?
why don’t he just go do porn or escort and call it a day?he’d make some good money instead of all this free work.
i’m baffled.

lowkey: these jackals know they ain’t right having his tatt exposed like this.
it’s like a badge of honor to get in this yellow fox tail.
i hope these jackals are at least cute…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Yellow Is The Color Code For Leaked Sex Tapes”

  1. Damn putting all those miles on your boogina and it dont even come with no flight benefits or rewards, just sad. Is it really leaked when you are a confirmed Ho, IJS.

  2. I’m more concerned he hasn’t been fucked with a condom in none of these videos.

    Maybe its the same dude fucking him?

    In any event, he strikes me as a shallow, slutty, size queen with nothing but his ass to offer anyway.

    Middle age is going to hit a lot of these dudes HARD. They’ll end up being the creepy old dudes online paying younger men to let them suck their dicks.

    1. I am with you Jay. All of his videos have been without condoms. They do not care about middle age hitting them because right now all they are doing is living in the moment, but that does catch up when you cannot rely on your looks anymore.

  3. There’s at least one of these over-exposed but yet delusionally DL yellow-bellied sap suckers in every major city *yawn*

  4. No judgements here, get it how you get it. Even tho he has leaked videos in the past I’m sure that not gonna stop him from having sex, if it’s true that he’s shocked I would say he should make sure next time that whoever he gets down with isn’t recording.

    1. I think he is living the life and acting out his fantasies….I think for us foxes we would love to be banged out ONE GOOD TIME but not with multiple wolves….I would let G. Hill freak me maybe consistently but don’t get relationshipy with him…But Juan Antonio…Hubby material

  5. I believe you’ve posted this already lol.. He is arched in the end of the video just like the previous entry about him.

      1. He has a ton (okay not a ton but 3 that I could find) of videos and he’s all in the same position, sometimes the same settings, so I don’t know if this is a repost or not, but by his own admission, he was on the defensive about something. 5 or 6 days ago he posted a vid on Instagram. It was a clip of Evelyn Lozada at the BBW reunion where she’s defensive because Royce stated that Ev smashed Chad O on the first night. So yeah…

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