The Pre Baller Wolf Who Came Out, Bobby Brando, Has Me Baffled

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-9-34-32-pmso bobby brando,
aka brandon davis,
had a photo shoot in his forest of montana.
bobby was the pre baller wolf who ( x came out ).
these are most of the shots



i’m baffled.
so bobby actually sent me a message thanking for me for his past entries,
but also told me that:

“i made him seem like someone he is not”


“by his social media accounts,
i created a false image of him to a bunch of people”

that is where i’m baffled.
i never spoke badly of him.
i did say i liked his bawdy parts and would let him smash.
i think he was offended i assumed he only played in the snow.
he allegedly is dating someone:

now i don’t know if that’s who he is allegedly dating,
but one can assume he wouldn’t be the same complexion as bobby.
from his social media accounts,
that’s the trail he leads the audience to believe.
in his videos and pictures,
it’s not like he is drowning in melanin.
he said he doesn’t have a lot of options in montana,
which i can believe.
when i asked him if he is willing to “date whoever”,
after saying he is “down to connect with anyone outside of skin color”,
he never responded.
giphyso i’m still baffled,
but at least he looks good.

pictures credited to: bobby brando | owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “The Pre Baller Wolf Who Came Out, Bobby Brando, Has Me Baffled”

  1. Not surprising here they always get a snow cone when they come out I guess there image will make them look bad if they date there own race

    1. Hopefully, he will see this. It is nothing personal, but as an out and proud black bisexual man. It is sickening and tiresome to see black gay men who come out and I am like “Yes, one of us” just for them to have to find someone outside of their race. It is a sickening pattern. It is nothing wrong with dating outside of your race for any sex (hetero, gay, or bi). But there is something wrong with dating outside of your race and then throwing subtle shade at your own race. I am not saying that Mr. Davis has done this or does this but leaving that question from Jamari is really hurtful and questionable. Derrick Gordon, Michael Sam,and the aforementioned Brandon Davis have all come out and ended up with snow foxes (or in the case of DGordon a snow daddy dinosaur). Do yall seriously think most out gay black men are just some flamboyant, bravo channel watching, shading, messy queen? If you are thinking yes, then that my friend puts you on a one way path to stereotyping.

      1. Michael Sam was with Vito years before he publicly came out.
        Jason Collins was dating White men and a woman since high school.
        Derrick Gordon was dating a white guy before he publicly came out.
        Darren Young,Kwame Harris(gay football player who beat up his boyfriend) had non Black boyfriend for years.
        My point is these men were ALREADY dating non Black guys BEFORE they came out publicly.So I am confused when people say they got with a White guy once they became famous or semi famous.

        I am pretty sure this guy ,Bobby,has been dating White guys for years.I am not saying he only dates White gays BUT if he does then that is his loss.He is missing out on some amazing Black man.😀

        I don’t take it personal when I see black guys who only date non Black women.I know they are the exception not the rule.

  2. He’s nice. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he lives in Montana. But…… the Army in me is always thinking of a master plan. I know there are a couple military bases in that state and there are plenty of “us” in the military. He better find the nearest one and re-discover some chocolate!!

    1. ^i think he is comfortable with who he hangs with,
      which in turn,
      may allow him to be comfortable with who he dates.
      he would have to jump out his comfort zone to go looking for “us”.

  3. Bobby just be the Snow Queen God intended for you to be, what else was we supposed to guess about you. You have still to show us anything other than these basic ass snow boys. I cant, another on the list of Return to Sender……….

    1. I’d never take a white dude seriously because of race relations, but I can appreciate a good looking one.

      Unfortunately, much like with our heterosexual counterparts, we scrape the bottom of the barrel because the attractive ones aren’t into the swirl. We end up parading some Jack “Just Jack” McFarland looking queen around talking about “love doesn’t know color”. Yeah and apparently it doesn’t know good taste either lol.

  4. Where were the lies tho?

    Furthermore, why does he even care?

    I barely even remember him and I don’t even care enough to look at the previous post again.

  5. I understand love is love but damn man. Lol. It seems that an attractive person of color most likely ends up with just a regular plain Jane, or John, when they are in an interracial relationship. It also seems they can be with a regular looking person outside of their race but they would never settle for just a regular decent person within their own race. To each his own I guess.

  6. I give credit when it is due, he looks really good. Regarding him saying you made him seem like someone he is not, my guess is that he may not only date white men. The only person who knows is him. As most have pointed out in every discussion we have had bout him, he does live in Montana, so it is not like black men are all over the place. However, if I notice a man I have interest in dating men that I do not resemble, I leave it alone. As I have been saying on here for a while, if that is what they want to date, let them. Why do you guys chase after men that do not want you? That would bruise my ego to be honest.

    1. Agreed…. It really isn’t that deep. When there is one guy in a world of million, I don’t know why one would sweat over it. I’m not telling anybody how to feel but honestly I don’t know why anyone cares lol. People screw who they want to screw, you can’t control them.

    2. I personally was speaking in general about black men.

      He’s run of the mill to me, but I’m desensitized to these same old photoshoots that show models in the best lighting. They all look the same. Not unattractive at all, just run of the mill and nothing to thirst over.

      I do believe it’s highly likely that whites as the historical oppressor fetishize black people they date. Some without either parties even being aware of it. One of them randomly came up to me at the gym and did a Charlie Murphy impression like it would amuse me. I just looked at him coldly.

      I even cringe when I hear them say “black cock” in porn. Lol

  7. As Jay pointed out, I couldn’t take on an interracial relationship. I love black men too much to venture elsewhere. I personally feel that it wouldn’t even matter where he was, it’s sorta like a badge of accomplishment in the athletics field, gay or straight to date white. You mean to tell me all of the gay meccas we have (Atlanta, New York, DC) you can’t find one black brotha? Now we not just talking about Brandon, but all of these other gay atheletes. If he can’t see the beauty within his own race, they can keep him.

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