Yellow and Raw Sex Make Blue

oh how i missed the foxhole.
so it’s happened again.
how it keeps happening is anyone’s guess,
but that yellow fox has another leak for foxhole review.
this is what an f-bi sent me.


now that’s out the way


this has to be,
not an accident,
no way my tail would be purposely online like this.
three times!
i’m more concerned with all this raw sex he is having.
as appealing as his tail is,
his life choices are a bit of a turn off.
i don’t care how fine the wolf is.
condoms are my best friend.
well he better get it while he can.
once shit happens,
and no pun intended,
he will certainly have good stories to tell.

lowkey: is he a jackal now?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Yellow and Raw Sex Make Blue”

  1. Wait that was raw, damn talk about gettin your life and albeit he’s on his way to loose it. I never bottomed before but if I do plan, i’m taking preventive measures to protect my ass tho if it comes down to it.

    1. ^with this logic,
      i won’t have anything to post about.
      the news and gossip sites won’t have anything to post about either.
      so in that case,
      you shouldn’t be watching/reading anything ever again.

      1. *mic drop* Now can I add my two cents? Raw sex is not the ki ki at all. I don’t know why many gay men love barebacking. I prefer to wrap it up though.

  2. Alrighty then for the “You Name It” STD Challenge! We all need to lift up his rectum for prayer this Sunday at church because its bruised and wounded. He needs to stop lying about these vids being leaked, when he is the one clearly doing the leaking. I guess you have to get it how you live it. I am sure his many fans like it, so I love it for him.

  3. We all know that’s ain’t some leaking he put it out himself. I mean once it’s a happenstance twice it’s a coincidence thrice it’s a pattern

  4. Since I’ve been on your site this must be the 4th raw sex video that I’ve come across from this same guy.. Not to mention he LIVES for some raw BBC LMAO!! He clearly has a type. You can look like a damn Sasquatch but as long as you got a long black pole dangling in between your legs and no condoms then you’re ready to go!

    And I don’t believe that they’re being leaked. He knows that he’s been filmed before so if he had a problem with it then he would take several precautions before sex. Not to mention it’s easy to tell if somebody is recording you while pumping you from the back.

    But that ain’t my anus (therefore not my problem) so have fun YellowBoi126!

      1. the phone light or when you don’t feel those hands no more, imma look back real quick to be sure lmao, ain’t nobody gonna put me on blast like that!!!

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