ya’ll need to stop speaking against the rona because she be listening (aunt wendy)

i feel like anyone who speaks against the rona,
she appears like candyman from out of a mirror.

“I am not vaccinated and I don’t trust it.”
“I am not vaccinated and I don’t trust it.”
“I am not vaccinated and I don’t trust it.”
“I am not vaccinated and I don’t trust it.”
“I am not vaccinated and I don’t trust it.”

…and boom,
someone is made an example.
we might need rona as the next horror movie villain tbh.
aunt wendy said she didn’t trust the vax a while ago.

i hope she changed her stance cause according to her ig…


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…and she is sick with graves disease and other ailments too.
i hope she is gonna be okay.
this might be serious.

lowkey: i think aunt wendy might need to end this show.
it seems to be wearing her down and out.

8 thoughts on “ya’ll need to stop speaking against the rona because she be listening (aunt wendy)

  1. Here’s my take.. maybe the bigger issue isn’t Covid, but that she’s having a Mental Health Crisis.. a la Nervous breakdown. She’s in recent years appear to be very unhappy, I recall her reaction n to the death of her mother, her reaction to it.. I bet she has a zillion unresolved issues n it’s coming to the fore.. n she’s not coping well..The person we see on TV isn’t the same person when she’s alone in her aloneness.

  2. Not wanting the shot I get.

    Not wanting it but not wearing a mask and calling people who do, “sheep” is mental illness.

    People keep downplaying people with the shot getting it as if the variants don’t decrease efficacy. I heard something about a daily dose. Which sounds ridiculous. They cannot agree on the booster release date. Was supposed to be available by end of August and they keep pushing it back.

  3. Hmmmm the language used in the IG post, “breakthrough”, almost implies that she was vaxed and still got Covid. If she did get vaxed it would’ve been nice, though not required, for her to share that with her followers… if she wasn’t vaxed the word choice was clearly to temper the backlash from her anti rhetoric. Either way I hope she makes it through………..

    1. I’m sure she got vaccinated cause she was returning in studio and most of these talk shows are making their crew get vaccinated and asking for proof of vaccination from audience members, so why wouldn’t the host have to get vaccinated

      1. Hopefully. If that’s the case, I think it would’ve been nice for her to use her platform to communicate such. shrug

    2. There is no implication since that is what ‘breakthrough’ literally means; covid broke through the protection of vaccination. More than likely it’s the delta strain since that’s the most prevalent one going around but could be the OG version too. Vaccines aren’t 100% effective that’s why the CDC recommends masking up in indoor spaces until they get the booster shot ready. Vaccines do lessen the severity of covid if one has a breakthrough case & the need for hospitalization though.

      1. I’m well aware of what breakthrough means and that the vaccines don’t have 100% efficacy, hence my comment on the choice of words. I’m also well aware that in entertainment and media language is everything. I think the word “breakthrough” was very intentional and very convenient given her former stance with Dr. Oz since there was never, unless I missed it (which is quite possible), a similar iOS press release regarding her getting vaccinated after that stark “NO”. While I don’t believe anyone is obligated, with her platform, she’s doing her followers a disservice by not sharing that about-face. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure she’ll share it once she returns (after her infusions and treatments that a lot of her followers can’t afford), which will only further distrust of the vaccine since “you can still catch it while vaccinated,” which was always the case.

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