WOLF MEAT: (454)

nothing like a meat ‘n’ bunz picture combo…

he seems to have more meat than bunz tho.
either way,
i’ll allow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (454)”

    1. his dick, ass and FACE all look amazing! *lol*
      I know for white men, ALL you all care about regarding black men are our private parts and sexual performance.

  1. Ok. If he is down with those “Houses” that screams messy to me based on watching the videos. Cute ot not…I’ll pass. LOL

    1. do you realize that to many outsiders, simply being a part of the LGBT community overall “looks messy” to them? should you be judged on the countless videos depicting violence & mess online between the gays at pride? I get so sick and tired of butch kweens like you & your “opinions” about the ballroom & house community — a segment of our overall LGBT community. did your naive ass know that the ballroom/house community is comprised of MANY college graduates, PHD degree holders, corporate professionals & at least 50% of the men you unattractive kweens drool over here on this website and the countless other social media apps?

      1. I made the comment because if you watch the video…you’ll see that they’re throwing shade at one another, which only typifies the stereotypical behavior of the more effeminate acting gays. Some people have enough drama in their life and don’t need a person and the persons they associate with bringing more baggage.

        That was why I made the comment because I look at more than just the face and ass…I check the people they surround themselves with.

        So you can keep your stats, bruh.

    2. there was absolutely NO SHADE being thrown in the video clips, AT ALL. you see nothing but the various house members cheering & chanting for their respective house members. this is an environment where effeminate brothers can be celebrated. you made your comment SOLELY based on your perception of HOUSES SCREAMING MESSY. those were your words. it’s utterly disgusting to have butch kweens like you turning their bourgeois noses up at an entire segment of our LGBT community, when you have absolutely NO IDEA that the large MAJORITY of the guys y’all go OFF for online walk Face, Sex Siren, Pretty Boy Realness, Thug Realness & School Boy. do your research. y’all think “houses” are all about voguing & that’s only 1 category amongst like 52. stop being prejudice against our own!

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