Who Has The Biggest Chest?

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.27.39 PMso everyone knows i like a nice chest.
i like the chest on chidi.
i’ve featured him a few times.
check the archives.
well a foxholer alerted me to a photo shoot chidi had withΒ  jermaine ‘maine’ alexander.
he is the the owner of j_alexphotos.
this is the outcome


not bad.
not bad at all.
he is sexy and so is the vixen.
that looks like a nice sammich a fox would like to be in-between.
nice shots chidi!
here is a bonus shot from the shoot:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.49.23 PM


photos credited: j_alexphoto

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Who Has The Biggest Chest?

  1. I love it when he comes down my tumblr and instagram timelines ! I like that he look as good clothed as well. πŸ˜€

    1. ^LMAO…I was thinking the same thing Mikey! I’m like damn, she pretty AND she got titties (chest man)!!

  2. He’s attractive, but not a model. There’s a difference.

    When all you can do is the same dumb deer in the headlights look, modeling isn’t your thing.

      1. Besides all these rats look the same. I need some diversity on the blogs I visit. I come here for the occasional porn or something I can jack too. Sick of these Instagram niggas. Every time I come on here there’s another nigga that looks like he’s from the Fordham rd or the 125 steet blink fitness. Where’s the hot exotic men. *heads to another blog*

      2. When you make comments like that, be ready to get called out on it.

        The only problem I have is the bit about exotic men, maybe I got the wrong impression. I’ve only seen ignorance and colorism come from people asking for “exotic” men, if you want a blog full of light skin and blue eyes you’re on the wrong blog baby.

    1. ^the rudeness from them wasn’t needed tho.
      i only respond to proper home training and respect.
      there is a way to say things or ask without coming off insulting.
      they can try that again.

      1. I wasn’t intended to be rude. Like I said I come here often. I commented on the guys. Not anything against you or the blog. I said what I like. I didn’t say disrespectful. Being able to express an opinion without degrading the blog is a true example of home training. The way something comes off is personal to how it was taken by the individual. So if it came off insulting that’s how you took it, not how it was intended at all.

    2. I’m curious how you say it wasn’t disrespectful, yet you called the dudes featured on here “rats” and “Instagram niggas”…and go on to say that some kats look like they’re from Fordham Rd or 125th street Blink fitness.
      Something wrong with those areas? I’m from the burbs so if it is…I need to know.

      1. Christian … Who asked you to speak up? Also if you learn to read you’ll see I said never meant to disrespect the blog. Could care less about the “models”

      2. Ok..ain’t gonna be too much more of that nigga talk. I’m not an ignorant person…and that is what a nigga/nigger is. You don’t know me enough to call me either.
        I can read VERY well, and quite the spelling bee champ too. I asked a simple question. It seems you are the one getting your panties in a bunch, bruh.

      3. Listen let’s not get into what nigga means to you. Didn’t ask or care for that matter. Also it’s annoying that someone can’t comment without someone sticking their nose into the business. Next time be quiet and watch from home.

  3. I was looking more at her than at him. I like the exotic men too. Yeah, these Instagram dudes pretty much toot the same horn. Some of them are nice to look at though honestly. Except for the Dominican guy on here, I forgor his name but he looks so annoying. Marvellous or whatever his name is.

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