What Being In My Foxhole is All About

fox-hole-by-crista-forestwelcome to the foxhole.
its a place where intelligent,
with slight doses of ratchet,
come together and “congregate”.
i have to pay the foxhole a compliment tonight.
i’ve noticed something…

you go hard and don’t hold back.
its also good that it is respectfully done.
that’s refreshing.
i have written about work wolf and other issues
…and some of you have let me have it.
i believe everyone needs tough love to be a better and stronger animal.

too many celebs,
and non celebs,
want people to kiss their asses.
they think that at some level of fame,
you are immune to being criticized.
you always need someone(s) to hold a mirror up to your fuck shit.
its important to show what you have become/becoming.

after the last entry about bambi and thumper,
it definitely got a little crazy.
when you send foxmails in,
you are asking myself and my foxhole to give you honest answers.
your ego may just get bruised.
mine has been bruised more than a few times.
its up to you take what is being as constructive or “complete bullshit”.
i always say there is a message within “hate” or “criticism”.
if people are out there saying that your breath stink,
wouldn’t you want to know?

so thanks to everyone who continues to be real.
i always appreciate it.

picture credited: crista forest

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “What Being In My Foxhole is All About”

  1. Pierre you might like Immanuel’s blog. It’s called Confessions of a Down-Low Brother: The Sequel.

  2. Does Pierre Like mix breeds? Im a mix breed semi IG famous with body and tatts… Hey Pierre!

  3. I made one comment yesterday regarding HIV and PrEP because after volunteering with a local HIV/AIDS I learned a lot of Tops don’t realize the risk involved with having raw sex.I met a 20 year guy who was shocked he was HIV positive because he had never
    bottomed.Obviously the risk of contracting HIV as a bottom is greater.So anytime I read about someone having raw sex I mention PEP(morning after pill) or PrEP.

    1. Thanks for that, Y Colette!

      I remember when a friend down south thought he was exposed to HIV, he went to an ER, and they told him to go get tested right away. They claimed that it wasn’t a health emergency. I told him that can’t be the case, so I asked him to tell me exactly happened, word for word. Thank God he hasn’t contracted HIV/AIDS but that was a real scare. Now he sticks to clinics, a trusted primary health care provider, or an urgent care.

      Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know about PEP or PrEP, and that’s scary.

      I know when I broached the subject with my primary health care provider, she gave me the third degree. She told me I needed to get a full std/sti battery that must be negative before she would “consider” writing the rx. I came out negative and got the rx for PrEP. When I filled the script, the guy at CVS looked at me like I had just asked to eat his mother’s box.

      Yes, I did switch primary care doctor’s too.

      The stigma is real, but thanks for doing your part to give knowledge to the masses.

  4. That’s thing about the foxhole when it gets intense, IT GETS INTENSE. Shit happens when a bunch of passionate folks get together!

  5. I said this in the original topic. The topic wasn’t even that serious, but insecurities got exposed, shit got personal and went to hell in a hand basket.

  6. The horse is dead.

    People’s perceptions of the discussion are very telling to me though.

    If I read anything alluding to “tea” again, I’m flipping over a table though.

  7. People say go a little crazy when it gets a little heated on here but this place had always been and still is a welcoming place of love and respect.

  8. I have nothing but respect for your site, Jamari, but this is where we differ.

    When I wrote you, I didn’t do so under the guise of seeking advice. If I had known that’s what you thought, I would have submitted the tea to Tumblr or somewhere else.

    I didn’t need affirmation, scorn, ridicule, or an Amen corner. I didn’t have any questions I needed answered. I had some pipping hot Lipton tea that I was under the impression that you and the Foxhole would enjoy.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    I’ll take the L for that because clearly I was wrong.

    Unsolicited advice comes with the territory, but things clearly went left when people started assigning negative motives, motives that weren’t even implied on my part.

    A professor once told me in an Argumentation and Persuasion course in undergrad that an argument must first start from agreement. There was no agreement with the people who thought they were going in on me. They think sex work is “morally” wrong and I have no problem with sex work, so the argument that ensued wasn’t constructive. Just gay dudes throwing shade for throwing shade’s purposes.

    I have no regrets about submitting on.

    No respect lost, though.

    1. The fact that you think the criticism you received centered around how anyone feels about sex work is telling.

      I don’t believe anyone felt as if they were going in on you. In the case of myself, I provided an opinion based upon what I read and, if I’m being honest, the way in which you responded to others validated a lot of what I said.

      At any rate, it’s not that serious. You submitted and everyone drank the tea and had an opinion about its flavor. That’s going to happen. If you feel personally attacked or wrongfully criticized then maybe the real point is that you have an issue with sex work, not any of us.

      Personally, if I felt there was nothing wrong with buying an escort and felt that my tax bracket somehow made me so much more “elite” than the people giving their opinions, I couldn’t give less than shit what anyone had to say.

      You did and do. That’s obvious lol.

      1. There’s clearly a reading comprehension issue with some of you. When people equate engaging in sex with with somehow being deserving of getting a sexually transmitted disease or with having low morality for it, I don’t know how you could then come to the conclusion that anti-sex work wasn’t at the heart of the criticism being levied.

        I care about everything else sans your opinion of me. I put myself in a place to be judged and I’ll accept that. But I’m pretty much done. I’m on vacation and you’re going to keep doing what you do. So it is what it is. Thanks for reading the tea, though.

    2. ^you shouldn’t feel regret pierre.

      i posted it because the foxhole likes treats.
      i like treats.
      it started as a blind item and went left.
      in life,
      people just won’t agree with your choices.
      you can’t get in your feelings because of that.
      i’ll be honest and say the “i came in his ass” threw me for a bit.
      i judged you and him from the outside looking in.
      does this mean i lost respect for you?
      listen i don’t have a dog in this fight,
      but for me,
      i enjoyed what you sent in and look forward to more.

      1. Can you tell me why that would make you judge me and Thumper? I understand that HIV/AIDS are both real but I did see his BX Health Clinic paperwork, albeit it was from 4 months prior, but yea. I got tested after because I’m a health freak and wanted my own piece of mind.

        I guess the reason I was okay with raw sex was because he made me feel like I was special. I know I’m opening up and going to get attacked for this, but I honestly felt like we had a pure connection IN THAT MOMENT.

        Now, would I do raw with Bambi or other escorts? Nah.

        There’s something special about Thumper and his aura, his vibe, his presence, his swag, his personality. You can’t fake that.

        Thanks for posting your opinion, though.

        I’ll be less graphic if there will be future submissions.

      2. ^”I guess the reason I was okay with raw sex was because he made me feel like I was special. I know Iā€™m opening up and going to get attacked for this, but I honestly felt like we had a pure connection IN THAT MOMENT. ”

        he is dominican p.
        they have a way of making you feel like that.
        spanish folks in general.
        they have this way of making you feel like the only one in the world.
        part of their swagg.

      3. I’ve had sex with many Dominicans. Hell, Bambi was so transparent that it was hard not to laugh at him. I’m telling you and you’ll just have to trust me on this, Thumper has a magic that not even the ordinary Dominican has when the clothes are off. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

    3. Honesty buddy you brought that on yourself when you responded. You should have just remained anonymous.

  9. Well jamari it’s like this and I could only speak for myself I treat people how I would want to be treated and give everyone respect cause its just the right thing to do and there is too much ugliness in world as it is we as human beings only have each other and if we just stop and begin to realize that the world would be a better place for all of us.

  10. You are very welcome. I’m very honest….always have been. I’m not the only one. When y’all write in, we gone give you honesty. Y’all can insult our careers, call us names, and count our comments in a post. We here to help y’all and give opinions. I’m not arguing with y’all anymore like I used to either. After a couple comebacks I’m done.

    1. With all due respect, what career are you talking about? You’re a 22-year-old college student, according to you, right? You stated that you’re majoring in Criminal Justice, but for all I know, you could do a number of things with that degree, once you get it in December. So, I’m sincerely confused about what career I disrespected. I respect the hell out of you for doing your college hustle, but how did I disrespect a career that I didn’t know you had? But no love lost. Thanks for replying in the other thread. Be well, The Man.

      1. i hope that wasn’t a jab because I’m not fighting anymore. Well I just finished an internship at a prison a few weeks ago, which I’ve stated and discussed here, and I’m applying for jobs. I definitely have started my career. People can work in their field and go to school. If I wanted to be a CO or police officer, I could work and go to school, since the requirements needed are just a HS diploma. I do not have to grad to start a career in my field if I choose.

      2. With all due respect, The Man, I’ve read here but I’ve never perused the comment section like that. I know that requires giving me the benefit of the doubt, but the only thing I knew about you was what you told me in the comments in the Bambi and Thumper thread, so I was sincerely taken aback when you kept talking about a career. It now makes sense, and I sincerely wish you the best in the job hunt. But, no, I never came for your career because I didn’t know about a career until I read this post. But I wish you all the best. I was rejected at 3 top jobs in NYC before I got the fourth. I was about to move back down South when I got the call for an interview. So don’t give up.

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