Victor Cruz Won’t Have To Salsa Anymore In New Yawk

it seems like everyone is getting laid off this year.
being the “it” nfl baller wolf is very temporary.
you can be here today and gone the next.
well foxhole fav,
victor cruz,
has been released by the giants.
this is what espn had to say about it…

Have we seen the last of Victor Cruz and the Giants?

The team announced Monday they have released the former undrafted free agent turned star wideout. NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones, citing a source close to the receiver, said Cruz was doing “ok” upon hearing the news.

The development was first reported by The Record.

“Victor is one of the great stories of the National Football League,” Giants general manager Jerry Reese said in a statement. “He came in here and earned everything that he’s gotten. It has been amazing to see him grow from an undrafted free agent to a Pro Bowl player and one of our go-to guys during the Super Bowl XLVI run. He will always be one of the great Giants.”

Cruz’s departure saves the team nearly $10 million against the salary cap. He was due to make $7.4 million this season.

i’m not really shocked tho.
victor has had a lot of injuries and reached his peak.
remember when he was doing the salsa all over the place?
well there is now a new “it” baller wolf with a furry blonde do that also:

likes to dance
has everyone questioning his sexuality

i don’t really see much of a comeback for victor in football.
the giants was where his popularity was,
and now that’s gone,
he will pretty much blend in on other teams.
the good news is he can concentrate on being a star now…

…and getting baited.
he will always be a star in the foxhole.
he released this statement on his ig:

i wish victor well on his next endeavors.
i’ll post the video for that gif:

lowkey: rashad jennings was also released as well.
what is 2017?
the year some people gotta start over in their rue passions?

article taken: espn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Won’t Have To Salsa Anymore In New Yawk”

  1. Had a feeling that this was coming if they didn’t make it to the playoffs and/or Super Bowl. He’s damaged goods and nowhere near the player he used to be. I’m a bit shocked they let Rashad go though.
    Guess the Giants are about to rebuild

  2. I pray that he was smart with his money.
    I hate hearing about pro player going broke
    because they did not save their money for times like this.

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