So I Watched The ’17 Grammy Awards and Well…

well the grammys was tonight.
i said i wasn’t gonna watch,
but i lied.
i have a few thoughts…

– not alot of black folks tonight.
i guess they all stayed home or attending nyfw.
– some stylists stayed home too.
adele started off a little rough with “hello”.
did they really expect her to do the superbowl half time show?

i may not agree with everything she does,
but you cannot deny her passion for her art.
that inspires me.
her performances come off real “haunting” lately.
she putting spells on us and shit.
the visuals are beautiful tho.
katy perry’s performance was forgettable.
i just added this because i forgot she performed.
to have such a political song,
needs a powerful performance.
her team might be too “sugary pop” for that.

– i think i’d give bruno mars my foxtail.
who is his sexy thick background singer/dancer?
i need names.
– adele fucked up that george michael tribute and did it again.
i hope mariah was watching.
lady gaga will be a hamster by next week.
she isn’t making me want to listen to “joanne” either.
– after that prince tribute,
bruno mars can get my foxtail.
– i’d hang with rihanna sooooooo heavy.

chance the rapper is everything.
his performances make me so happy.
i never noticed how big his head is tho.
bey and jay are smitten with him.

– i thought the hive only liked to drag rihanna.
good to know adele can get it too.
maybe even taylor?

– beyonce should have won “album of the year”.
her crying made me sad for her.
i think there was a deeper reason than adele stanning.
“25” was one of the albums that got me through 2016.
i have a soft spot for it.
“lemonade” and “anti” helped in different ways as well.

– rihanna should have at least won “song of the year”.
they played her tonight too.

– i almost believe they like to use “us” to make the grammys lit,
but then they don’t like to award us for our talents.
maybe frank ocean had a point?
– i hope this squashes this imaginary “beef”:

it was a good show.
it was entertaining.


Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “So I Watched The ’17 Grammy Awards and Well…”

  1. I found Beyonce’s performance to be different. I guess I’m into energy driven performances. I need someone to find that tall thick backup singer for Bruno Mars. He had the best performance of the night IMO. I feel so bad for Rihanna. Anti and her singles were so big and she received nothing. They didn’t have to do her like that. Lady Gaga was utterly forgettable and incoherent. Chance was STELLAR. I love how he incorporates God into his music and he was independant. It was drawn out a little more than usual.

  2. Love Adele, but did she really deserve AOTY? Her wins for song and record were a good call tho. Also, please don’t drag me, but was Lemonade any good? I feel like Bey albums aren’t very cohesive, and there are generally too many writers on literally just 1 Bey song. But i respect her message/vision of Lemonade and realize that by not winning AOTY it sends a message. Lowkey, now I’m worried for Moonlight at the Oscars.

    1. true,
      if anything hurt bey when she lost to Beck and now Adele then its the gazillion writers and producers on each song
      Sure the Album, Artistry and the Music has mass appeal and impact
      But I imagine Stuffy music critcs on the Grammy board will not be too impressed by all those writers in comparison to a similarly deserving artist with considerably less writing and production support

    2. I, too, am worried about Moonlight at the Oscars because of Hidden Figures. HIdden Figures gives white folk a chance to feel redeemed for their misgivings AND celebrate black people in a way that doesn’t threaten them like their exclusion from “Lemonade” and “Moonlight” does. But, the NAACP just did the same thing at their Image Awards. EVERYBODY knows that if you had to rank the quality black films this year it would be Moonlight, Fences and then Hidden Figures. And they awarded the safe choice. But I wasn’t surprised. I enjoyed Hidden Figures (and would see it again) but it didn’t come close to Moonlight or Fences in storytelling, acting or cinematography.

  3. Rihanna now has the record for the most nominations in a night ithout winning
    that’s just wrong
    the Grammys really need to do better
    and I felt Bey’s pain cos Lemonade was her best and most sincere work
    kanye, frank ocean and co have been saying this for a minute
    the grammys hate to reward black art in the main categories
    and even in the genre specific categories like rap and rnb
    a white person always wins if they are able to sneak in there
    Grammys really aint shit
    and I am glad Adele was classy enough to highlight that

  4. Listening to 25 now there’s only a handful of good songs. Definitely not a masterpiece that aligned with how good “Hello” was.

    Lemonade was definitely the best body of work Beyonce ever created.

    Anti was a good album for Rihanna, but it was more of an indication Rihanna might make a really classic album down the line.

  5. I believe this will be the last year I watch. It seems year after year they pick winners that make people think “How that happen?” and this is coming from a person that listens to a little of everything. If Beyoncé couldn’t win album of the year from her self titled album and now “Lemonade” then the academy is just not going to give it to her. Ever. I remember years ago when Drake won over Nas for “Life Is Good” and I seriously thought to myself “There are other factors considered to who ever wins these awards.” It’s just weird to me. Im not a big Rihanna fan, Im aware of her star power and like some of her music, and even I couldn’t believe she didn’t win not one award. Even for “Work”? Really? The skeptic in me knew she wasn’t going to win. The academy is not diverse enough for her to win big. Alot of white people, especially older white people, are in their feelings these past couple of months over people of color becoming self aware and not seeking validation thru white america. Trumps election also vindicated their bigotry and racist ways. Fuck em. Going to the Grammys, lol, Beyoncé’s album was just too black for the Grammys to award more than best urban album. No Grammys for me. Ever again. If by chance she wins the award she really wants in the future, I’m sure Jamari will tell us on here. I’ll find out that way.

  6. I saw bits and pieces last night

    – riri looked amazing and is my bestie in my head I would have been right there drinking as well. Anti was her best body of work so far and for her not to get anything was disappointing .

    – Bruno mars can get all of me with his shirt ass.

    -loved bae in my head chance won

    – I love Adele and I while I liked 25 it’s not as good or ground breaking as 21. To be honest I didn’t feel like there was anything she did different on this one to to win ablum of the year. But was very happy that she not only shouted out Beyonce but professed her love and respect for her in both speeches. Class act

    -Beyonce’s performance was breathtakingly beautiful and spiritual. And while you can tell she was happy for Adele you can also tell she wanted to win that ablum of the year Grammy. For her to only walk away with one Grammy last night for lemonade is crazy.

    I don’t understand the Grammys sometimes. They gave album of the year to Beck over B a few years ago and said it’s not about popularity but then the next year give it to Taylor for that 1988 one and justified it stating you just couldn’t escape it.

    P.S. Was very happy Solange won her Grammy


    I believe this is one of the reason beyoncé didn’t win. But they can’t say racism isn’t part of it too, the last black woman to win AOTY is lauryn Hill in 1999 like almost 20yrs ago. But taylor swift can win it twice.

    But i can’t even hate on Adele. And bruno mars has no competition right now, no male artist can pull a show like him. Chance performance made me jump lol it was so joyful.

    At the end of the day the acadamy ain’t shit.

  8. Beyonce just does it for me every time. Every major awards show performance from the Lemonade era has been symbolic in some form or fashion. There is honestly no reason why she should have lost AOTY. I like Adele and LOVE her personality but even she acknowledged that this should have been Bey’s year.

    In addition Kameron Whalum is bae so I need y’all to go ahead and back off lol. Noticed him at the Super Bowl last year with Bruno and I’ve been in love (lust?) ever since lol. Bruno can get it as well. Honestly. Truly.

  9. Lemonade is not her best album. The Visual Album was better. I wonder what will happen if Rihanna wins AOTY before Beyonce? The Hive will be jumping out of windows

    Adele deserved AOTY and Song of the YR
    Rihanna should’ve won Record of the YR for “Work” WTH

  10. I’m one of the 3 people on Earth who hasn’t heard the Lemonade album, and I won’t ever hear it as long her Beyonce and Camel keep her new material alway from Apple Music.

    As for the show, Bruno Mars continues to impress. He’s not my type but I was smash his cakes based on his personality alone lol 😆. He’s a spunky little fukah.

  11. Didnt watch the Grammy’s not because I didnt want to but because I dont have cable TV only Netflix LOL. Anyway the Grammy’s havent been worth a crap in decades. Mediocre White artist will always have an advantage over the creators of American music, we must realize that they who control ever aspect of society can pretty much do what they want and pretty much dictate who is going to be a winner on these award shows. They cant let talent speak for itself because we would win everything every time, and that is not just bragging my people cant be touched in the world of music-FACTS!

    I heard Beyonce Lemonade and I would say it could win just as well as any other album, but I aint crying the blues for this Diva. She has won some questionable Grammy’s IMO, and when she won for “Single Ladies”, I knew that the Grammy’s had gone to $hit, I even think this won a song of the year award. Beyonce has more Grammy’s than Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and the list can go on, so I cant feel sorry for her not winning. Many iconic artist, and all of these I have mentioned have never won a Album of the Year and they have all had legendary albums that Beyonce could never touch in this lifetime. Whitney did win Album of the Year for the Bodyguard but it was other artist and it was a Soundtrack. Beyonce is the best in her genre and she still has years to go but she is hardly in the league vocally with any of the named women. IMO several of her peers have naturally better voices but I salute her for performing ability and musical artistry.

    Back in the day, Grammy’s used to be exciting because unknown people would have a chance to win based on pure musical talent and it seemed like the voting block had respect for musical ability and not just for a name. In defense of Black artist however, the Grammy has shown prejudice to Black performers through out the years when it came for these coveted Song, Record and Album of the year awards. I feel Black artist have been categorized more than their white counterparts when it comes to these categories. It seems like only Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie have broken this barrier and this was in the 80’s. Some of today’s Grammy winners are so horrible that I cant look at any of it as being legitimate, and that includes artist of every background.

    It is interesting that Beyonce won 5 NAACP Image awards but failed to show up to collect her trophies, but being that she was pregnant Im sure she needed her rest for her Grammy performance. At the end of the day it may sting but you as an artist and us as fans know the worth of who we love whether they get their proper recognition or not. Beyonce has already had a story book career that many better artist would crave to have so she will be okay.

    If our artist would put just as much into awards where we are recognized and start skipping these mainstream award shows, maybe things will finally change and artist of color will have a fairer shot of being recognized.

  12. I thought the show, as a whole was entertaining. I wasn’t too into Beyoncé’s performance; maybe if it was cut down or only Love Drought was the focus. She did deliver vocally and looked great. I did feel sad that she didn’t win AOTY, not because I believe it was her best work, which it wasn’t. I hoped the Grammy committee was going to make up for her loss two years ago, and acknowledge that it was an impactful album for her and the black community, but they didn’t. Luckily Adele was the next best (only) option to win, besides Beyoncé, so congrats to her. Rihanna being shut out was very disappointing and shocking. Even though winning awards isn’t everything, those two not winning for their work was a little of a letdown.

  13. I flipped back and forth. To me Bruno’s sets (his sing & Prince tribute) were the best of the evening.
    Adele was boring. She fucked up one of my favorite George Michael jams by slowing it down…WTF?!!

    Beyonce’s performance was boring. Haven’t liked an album of hers since her debut.
    THAT will always be my favorite Beyonce album. It’s like with each progressive disc, she gets ratcheter.
    It’s like we’re seeing the REAL Beyonce. That Houston freak comin’ out more and more. LOL

    Lady Gaga, forgettable. Didn’t know who Chance The Rapper was…listened to his stuf, not impressed.

    Can’t believe Work was nominated for song of the year…that shyt was awful. Didn’t like the Anti album, it didn’t connect with me like it did with others.

    All in all, maybe it’s best they didn’t win because the Grammys have always been known to be the kiss of death to an artists career. Kinda like the Oscars.

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