Warningafter yesterday’s issue,
i wanted to post the updated DISCLAIMER for the foxhole.
just so everyone (included the lurkers in the forest) are aware…

 The following information was prepared and is valid from July 31, 2013, but may be modified in the future. This disclosure applies to this blog, INSIDE JAMARI FOX™.

  • I own all the written content on this website, INSIDE JAMARI FOX™. It’s copyrighted in my name. You can spread the Jamari Fox aka Foxi Vander Woodson fever to the world, but don’t copy or alter my work in any way! I request you link me and copy one paragraph of my work to place on to your site/another site. You are also welcomed to share my content by the share buttons underneath the posts as well. Please spread the love as I grow with you!
  • Like I said, this site is a personal blog written and edited by yours truly, Jamari Fox aka Foxi Vander Woodson. I do accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, or other forms of compensation. The compensation received doesn’t effect anything I write, topics, or posts that are made. That means you will always get the REAL deal. Any advertising (or advertisements) is generated by third parties and will be identified as paid advertisements.
  • I do not get paid to provide my opinion on topics, people, websites, services, products, or anything else that is written on my site. I only endorse/cosign what I believe in. If I claim or appear to be an expert on certain topics, people, websites, services or products it is purely my own views and thoughts.  If you want anything deeper, that is up to you to do your own research and come up with your own answers/solutions. Google should always be your best friend.
  • My blog does not contain content which might present a conflict of interest.
  • I do not collect, store, share, sell, or use in any way, personal information such as names or email addresses. Your email address on comments will not be revealed to other readers.
  • My readers go HARD BODY in the comments and have every right to their opinions. That being said, some of their opinions do not reflect my own. They are free to say what they feel, and if applicable, I will edit when I see fit.
  • INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ doesn’t claim any rights to the images or videos featured on this blog. All visual content is copyright to it’s owner. If you own the rights to any pictures or videos found on this site(s), please contact me and they’ll be removed upon request. Please come correct with the same respect given aka do NOT threaten me PERIOD.


  • I post good looking men from time to time, but I don’t know diddly about their sexualities. My opinions about these men maybe raunchy, but it is NOT meant to be disrespectful or hurtful. So get out your feelings and take a chill pill! That being said:

INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ will not be for everyone.

  • INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ does not snitch or out. I’m not in the business of dragging people out the closet. All stories found on other sites that are sent in are always “alleged” until proven otherwise. The Foxhole is a place to feel safe and without judgment. Don’t be shy forest dwellers in the lurking shadows!
  • I appreciate tips and I respect and protect the privacy of anyone who provides information to me in the form of comments, emails, or any other form of communication. I generally assume that anyone doing so wishes to remain anonymous unless they tell me they would like to be credited by name or website.
  • Harassment or bullying me, Jamari Fox aka Foxi Vander Woodson, or any of my readers will get you blocked with the quickness. I’m not even playing with this rule. Keep it respectful and it’ll also be given in return.

Thanks everyone for reading this/my site and supporting me!
Updated: 7/31/2013

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. There shouldn’t be any need for this but I guess you have to because certain people have to pick on you only.Do they know how many blogs/websites post pictures of attractive men.There’s a gay website that has an eye candy section where they post pictures of hot men all day, and I never assumed that the men whom pics they posted were gay.Not only that, but tumblr as well.Do the people who threatened you with a lawsuit think that millions visit your blog and say “gay guy blog must only post pics of gay guys.”If millions did visit, it really shouldn’t matter, we’re just admirers anyway.Didn’t this happen before when some chick said you posted one of her friends pics and she told him about it and he wasn’t cool with it or something.His pics are probably all over tumblr being re-blogged by gay guys on there.I feel bad for you because everyone seems to only stumble upon your blog as if you’re the only one posting these guy’s pictures.I wonder how a straight woman would feel if she took pictures of herself scantily clad and found out a bunch of lesbians were admiring her.They must think we’re gonna butt rape them or something.

    1. ^good comment chase.
      one of my readers suggested i do over the disclaimer and post it again.
      cover my ass with the fucktards who are slow.
      angry mama didn’t take time to read my site before she went off the deep end.
      i knew that much when she said the comments accused her son of being gay,
      truth is I don’t have to take any pictures down unless they are copy written and the owner (usually a photographer/company) wants them down.
      I’ve had photographers hit me up and ask me just to link people back to their websites.
      i give as much credit to the owner of the pictures as I can.
      i also remove pictures because of courtesy if I see fit.
      piss me off with the bullshit and ill ignore the emails because I know my rights as a blogger and I will be bullied by someone’s insecurity.

    2. I have seen a FEW people I know 2 of which are CLOSE to me personally, However i simply found the posts, AMUSING

  2. Point is, we’re dudes that like dudes so we’ll continue to admire from behind our computer screens.No matter if the dude is straight, bi, gay, or one of those cross dressing women going through hormone therapy.I will admit, that one’s pictures you posted weeks ago, I’d hit it.Even though she or should I say he? probably doesn’t like dudes.Also, the vixens you post are hot as well, even though I can’t do anything for them, I’d try ;)I heard pussy taste like strawberries.LOL that last part was random.

  3. I hate that you have to do this. I doubt these guys (and their mothers) are emailing straight blogs telling them to take down their photos. It’s obviously motivated by homophobia.

  4. Good revisions! I’m with everyone else, but this is a protection for your website. No one can act like they dont know because you provided fine print.

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