Thought I Got Some Water (But Nah, Still Crawling)

“hi can i speak to jamari fox?”
“yes this is him.”
“hello this is gina lin and i received your resume yesterday.”
“what is the company?”
we are looking for a front desk worker to take calls,
 check ids,
and be professional.
is this you?”
“yes it is.”
i need to come in tomorrow for an interview.”
“okay cool where?”
“between 38th and times square.
“whats the street?”
38th street.
time square.”
bring 100 dollars with you to train for a securit….

i called my boy who works security and he told me he ain’t neva paid shit.
he warned me people are scamming now off these job websites.
white people getting robbed and shit.

am i ever gonna get a fuckin job?

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Thought I Got Some Water (But Nah, Still Crawling)”

  1. Oh Lord!Some people are so damn desperate.I feel bad for the people that fall for it.They should start broadcasting these scams over TV and radio, so everyone can know not to fall for em.Like I said before, America don’t like easy fixes.They’ll allow that shit to go on and on until the victims reach into the millions.

    I was getting all happy as I was reading, thinking you got a job.I was like

    “Hooray, he got a job.”
    “Wait a minute”
    “Hold up”

    I’m glad I read this because I’ve never heard of these scams before.My dumb ass probably would’ve done it and ended up robbed.America doesn’t really make it clear how much power jobs have.I’d think it it was weird like “Why in the hell do I have to bring a hundred dollars, they act like people have money to waste.”

    It reminds me of when I was younger and a teacher demanded that we buy all these special items for her class.I was poor at the time, and this bitch kept calling out all of us poor kids because we still didn’t have the equipment.I remember thinking “Wow, did you ever think that maybe some kids can’t afford it.”She was so damn mean.You can’t just demand people waste money on shit they won’t need within a year.Plus, it was a regular public school, not a special school for talented children.

    I hope you and I both find a job soon.It’s weird because I know 3 other people that have gotten multiple job interviews within days and I can’t get not one.It’s annoying to me because they’re the type of people that don’t give a shit about the jobs and will quit them within a second.I guess they don’t care nor appreciate them because they get jobs at the snap of a finger.

  2. You’ll get a job dude. Just continue to keep the faith! You have a lot of people rooting for you!

  3. Damn! So it’s like that out there? This country if full of people trying to rip yo ass off. I have to fight them off all the time at my job. They use all kinda tricks & lies to get their foot in the door & they kno they can’t do shit for u…
    Glad to see u didn’t fall for that shit.

  4. Hi Jamari

    I’ve been reading about your job endeavors. I work at one of the operating companies under WPP. We have an inside website with open positions in marketing and advertising throughout all operating companies under the WPP umbrella. Can you send me an email. We can discuss privately.


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