This Is What Calvin Harris and Rihanna Came For

calvin-harris-this-is-what-you-came-foram i the only one who likes edm?
a home vixen actually got me into that in high school.
i been listening to this calvin harris v rihanna track,
“this is what you came for“,
damn near all night…

…and resumed this afternoon after some jazz.

“you oooh ooh oooh oooohhh
you oooh oooh ooh ooooohhh”
1135598the beat is giving me a heavy summer time on the way to the club.
it makes me feel good every time i hear it.
calvin harris actually made it for “anti”.
rihanna turned it down,
but wanted to just have it as a feature.
either way,
the song shot up the top of damn near everything since it’s release.
the snow animals gonna fuck the dance floor up with this one.
you know they gonna be ackin’ a fool when this comes on.
calvin harris and rihanna make a good team.
i’ll allow it.
can’t wait for this video!
tumblr_o12tddFOsi1ro1dyeo1_500*hear the full song on spotify and apple music

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “This Is What Calvin Harris and Rihanna Came For”

  1. If this was on Anti…it DEFINITELY would’ve been on of the two tracks that I like off that album. LOL

  2. I digs it, it reminds me of the opening song to an anime or something. Definitely a song you play to get you in the mood for partying.

  3. And no…you’re not the only one that likes EDM. I like it as well. I like music across all genres.

      1. As long as I like it, I like it, is what I always say. Regardless of genre! Don’t be embarrassed Jamari, own it! It’s your music! It’s what you like! Nobody can challenge you on that!

  4. Strategic. She doesn’t have any hits off her current album besides “Work” and she can thank Drake for that. “Kiss It Better” was the biggest hit on that album but the lackluster video ruined that.
    I feel like there’s a very good chance she’ll release a new album before the end of the year or at the top of 2017.

    1. ^shit anti reloaded is coming at the end of the year.
      you are right.
      the song she is featured on with drake on his new album is the only one people like.
      she is a smart vixen with the right team behind her.

  5. Been jamming to this all weekend. It’s funny, a friend of mine got me into it in high school as well.

  6. I love EDM, Classic house, Gospel House & Tribal House. I LIVE for Rihanna EDM versions of her hits as well as this one. Also EDM/club/house versions of Janet’s, Madonna’s Beyonce’s, Mary’s hits. Can’t believe this song is 5 years old and it’s still the shit!

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