The Walking “Waste of Our F’n Time”

tumblr_o54sm5k3zE1ubvjgjo1_1280i feel like negan should go upside the heads of “the walking dead” writers with that damn bat.
we were all waiting.
i been having anxiety about it all week.
i saw how gruesome the death scene looked in the comics.
the cast members were all talking about it.
they all said:

“it was the hardest episode to film because a main gets killed.”

all the fans were scared,
but we were ready.
last night gon’ come (with spoilers)…

…and they gonna do this:

….wtf was that about?

obama-chews-gumhow you gonna gas it up,
make us watch a whole 80 minutes of driving in a rv,
negan comes out for the last 10,
and then not reveal who he killed in the last 3 minutes.
now we gotta wait until october to find out who head got bashed in.
tumblr_o54sv65RfO1rzy04oo2_500i could not stop hearing how mad everyone was at work today.
the writers straight up played us with a wack cliff hanger.
this is all rick’s fault tho.
they my squad and all,
but they started acting real cocky.
i don’t think i have ever seen rick so terrified.

tumblr_o54sv65RfO1rzy04oo1_500lowkey: i feel it was eugene who was killed.
rick and carl can’t die as of yet.
michonne and darryl are fan favs.
glenn was the one who negan killed in the comics,
but maggie and him are also fan favs.
abraham has that sasha/spanish vixen love triangle.
so who else would it be…

tumblr_o54snzIZeP1rc19mqo5_500well we gonna be vex until we find out in october.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “The Walking “Waste of Our F’n Time””

  1. They talked this episode up like it was gonna be the shyt. Man, I was never so disappointed watching a finale.
    All I kept hearing was that “Negan is so terrifying.” PLEASE.
    I feel that it was either Glenn or the other guy, Aaron. Glenn because he is supposed to die at the hands of Negan and “Lucille” and Aaron because he is not that important of a character. I also feel it could be Abraham, since he was talking about a family with Sasha.
    I feel it’s one of those three.

    1. ^i know one thing…
      them on their knees and him playing russian roulette with lucille…
      i would have been terrified!
      wasn’t the anticipation the scariest of that entire thing?

      didn’t he tell glenn not to react when he tried to crawl over to maggie?
      aaron is a possible choice.
      abraham tried to offer himself,
      but i doubt he got killed.
      the person was a “beloved” character,
      that leads me to eugene.
      negan said:

      “look he took it like a champ!”

      people out here saying carl.

      1. I was lying there just waiting for him to take a swing like he’s about to hit a homerun. That’s what I thought we were going to see.
        Didn’t happen. Instead his ass went lumberjack on the person.
        Is it bad that I want them to kill off Carl?! LOL

        1. ^why does everyone say this about carl?
          they want him GONE!
          lemme find out he is on the same level as lori and andrea…

          and wtf is happening to carol??????

      2. I always found that boy irritating, especially during the earlier seasons, when he was younger. I wanted him to get eaten so badly.
        They are making Carol into a damn headcase…and I don’t like it. She was badass, and needs to remain as such…but I guess all the killing is getting to her.

  2. You thought Rick was a beast before…when they get out of this one, that mofo is gonna be a lunatic!!

  3. I’m done with the Walking Dead after this episode. The writing has been sloppy. I mean, how stupid is it to get all the main characters OUTSIDE of Alexandria on all these stupid pretenses. The writers are just manipulating the fans. When it comes back in October it may not be something I set aside time to watch on Sunday night.

    P.S. Darryl is not supposed to be returning. So maybe it is him.

    1. Where did you see/read that Darryl isn’t returning? I know he the actor who plays him has a new show about motorcycles or something like that, but I didn’t hear anything about him not returning to the show.

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