The Rise of The Trans-Wolves

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.41.33 PMeveryone has been talking about laith ashley.
if you don’t know,
he is a trans-wolf.
for the extra slow ones,
“he” use to be a “she”.
well it seems there is another trans-wolf making waves.
his name is marquise v.
check him out…

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.45.14 PM

with some video:

i mean…
tumblr_mrio0jvzFh1qj80alo1_500…ain’t that not a good copy?
almost made me feel something.
hell laith ain’t bad himself:

i mean…
they look/sound like legit wolves!!
its getting to the point we gonna need to be asking for birth certificates.
you not gonna get me in the bed,
i pull down your pants,
and i don’t see a glorious penis waiting for me.

lowkey: i like a “good copy”.
if you gonna transition,
then go hard or go the fuck home!
nothing worse than a half assed job.
now i have a question,
and please excuse my ignorance,

Who do trans-wolves date?

each other?

pictures taken: laith | marquise

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

47 thoughts on “The Rise of The Trans-Wolves”

      1. Marquise V is the TRUTH…Body is crazy…i have to hit the gym these Trans Wolves are making biological men look like nothing lol….i still cant believe that this was once a women…i even had totext the pics to my str8 female friend and she said she guess she would change some things because she said she was damn near wet for Marquise lol… this is amazing what they can do these days

    1. ^shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

      i felt something with that chocolate drop!
      he could fool me…
      …and i might like it.
      laith is cute too.
      i’m confused.
      my poor head.

  1. Checking birth certificates doesn’t prove anything.Transgender people can amend the sex designation on their birth certificate.They can also legally change their name and get a new driver’s license.

  2. One the real, I’m lowkey bothered because they are built better than me lol. Marquise has a stronger face than me and he got a beard. Shit sucks lol.

    1. That’s what I was thinking! WTF is this? LOL! I feel like I have no excuses anymore with this gym thing, and they have more facial hair than me?
      I’m done.They look good though, I must say.

  3. And just to let you guys know Laith Ashley is Dominican. Laith is definitely cute but I honestly prefer his brother because he got the real package plus he is fucking cuuuutte

  4. Whew……. My breath was taken away, they are fine.

    Even though they are killing it it can be hard for some to trans because it can be expensive to upkeep it from what I’ve read.

      1. LOL sorry I laughed at the first part.. He could probably beat my ass so let me stop. And Laith has a bulge (well he did in his photoshoot) but lord knows what was placed/stuffed in there

  5. Wow!!!! I’m very blown away by their transformations its incredible but I will say this before I commented I googled laith and his before pic is beautiful who would have thought such a beautiful little girl wanted to be a man its mind blowing now as for Marquis the things I would do to him omg he would make a sista reconsider lol!

  6. Im not with the tranny shit. I will give credit where its due and they both look good, however they are still women to me. I think its so funny that yhese trans people consider themselves to be the real thing but rarely go after each other. They go for the real McCoy, genetuc men and women. Thats just my thoughts.

    Also have yall noticed the trans wolves seem to be better at transitioning? The trans vixens rarely if ever fool me, even if they are beautiful I can always tell they are men. The trans wolves though, they be havin me fooled.

    1. Hmm…your comment is very interesting I must say and oddly enough I kinda understand where your coming from you being a genetic male but you can’t seriously believe that if you had any interaction with these men that you would treat them like women it would be impossible to treat them that way or view them that way that makes no sense so you’ll be one of those people who would go out of your way to disrespect them is that’s what your saying?

      1. No I wouldnt go out of my way to disrepect but I also wouldnt placate their delusion. If its passing by then not much to interact with. If we are having a discussion at some point it will be brought up and I will let them know my feelings. Im not going to act like they are a natural born male because thats not the truth. Physical appearance does not make them men. If I used their logic then people like rachel dolezal are black. Everyone thought she was delusional but she felt the same way about race as trans do about gender. I find it funny that people have the expectation to treat a transgender as the gender they want to be but a trans racial will get told to go to hell and that they are offending people. Why should I treat them as real men when they dont abide by that. The fact that for most trans other trans are not potential mates for them lets me know that they dont buy the bullshit either so why should I. They are a very self centered group of people because everything is about them and their feelings and every one should abide by their rules. I have no problem respecting them as a human being, but I wont appease them by making them think they are the opposite gender.

      2. All the Jays are pretty much in agreement. They only date natural born genders. Some mtf might settle for a gay dude but most of them want heterosexual males. What does that tell you?

        I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little “put off” by them in general.

  7. Sorry if I offend anyone but I’ve always been confused by this type of stuff. I don’t understand it but it seems weird. Like I like guys but those guys are girls so if I’m attracted to them & let’s say get to know one and end up dating & when they undies drop….😧

    Na… peen?!?!

    I’m gettinga little better at understanding this bit by bit but its still hard for me to grasp sometimes.

    1. Pretty much. To me they’re nice enough to look at but that’s as FAR as it goes.. I can’t even think about messing with them because lord knows what’s inside the pants.. And tbh I don’t even want to think about it.. But they had great passable transitions though.

    2. Don’t apologize for not understanding something. I respect someone who states they don’t understand something and then try to confirm their misunderstandings and ignorance my spouting nonsense.

  8. Some of the trans wolves be making you reconsider things…..

    I saw one trans wolf one day and I almost did a holy ghost because some of them look better than some of these real wolves.

    1. Look at the lower pecs, you’ll notice scar near the nipple. Lets not forget the hormone pills. I know a real life Laith Ashley male version and he’ll definitely put her to shame. Dude is cute but straight.

  9. I don’t know about the dark skinned one but I know the light skinned one is attracted to women. Not men. I follow him on IG. I’ve yet to see a FTM trans person who is attracted to men. I’m sure it’s out there but like most MTF trans people I encounter (besides Caitlyn *side eye*), they’re usually attracted to the sex that they were assigned to at birth. (i.e. same-sex)

  10. I’d date a trans man, a masculine intersex person, even some studs and AGs could get it. I’m attracted to masculinity.

    Tons of gay dudes were attracted to Alicia Keys when she first came out, just like they are attracted to Brittney Griner now.

    Masculinity is attractive.

  11. They look amazing!

    Lowkey: That Donald trump gif… ugh look like his bone structure goes through a metamorphosis every time he moves his face. All that money and he looks like that… *sigh*

  12. Laith is everything and I would definitely love interaction/discovering etc. I have been coming across a lot f sexy, masculine and beautiful “trans-wolves”. I am very intrigued and DOWN!

  13. Wow. But you know what though, i have noticed more and more trans men are showing up. I have a question. When they get a full operation, do they get a penis too? And for those who dont get the penis operation why transition to male? Isn’t that a major part of what makes a man a male? Not judging just want to be educated.

  14. What these 2 gorgeous works of art wont do is dnatch and peel back the lil bit of wig i got left on my baldin head. They are fine as hell…but id question it to like who would they date? Are they attracted to women or men or both…

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