The One Thing Desean Jackson Should Not Spend His Summer Doing

DeseanJackson10-l13i-570xdesean jackson.
i need to show you something.
this is the work of a “lame in progress”

tumblr_mnttixNIo41s8s7m0o1_500okay so i’ll say it…
no one cares about your “rapping” career dj.
you sound terrible and you aren’t bringing ANYTHING to the game.
anyone who cosigns this just want to suck your dick.
ain’t that nuff dick suckin in the world to accept this bullshit.
go back to lookin short,
and running them yards.
no one is here for “pleazy-d”.
cut it out.

lowkey: desean having a mid life crisis before 30.
i hear from a couple vixen sources he’s kinda slow tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The One Thing Desean Jackson Should Not Spend His Summer Doing”

  1. It doesn’t show on my phone. Your commentary was enough for me. I laughed out loud. In a week that has been depressing thanks to the injustices of good ol’ Amerikkka, I was able to have a nice hardy laugh at Deseans

  2. this is what money can buy- time for snoop lion, a bunch of hot chicks, nice car, visit to vegas and a producer who actually convinced Desean that this is a HIT! I give this 4 weeks then its in the trash!

  3. Lol. He has the money, he can spend it on whatever ratchetry he pleases. and the whie girls in that move look white trash and ugly with too much makeup.

    snoop is this broke though? or less busy these days?

  4. If he thinks his music career is going to take off…he’s delusional and throwing away good money.
    If he was my friend I would tell him I know music is your dream…but on the real, stick to football. And that’s from the heart, yo. You’ll be mad at me for a while, and no I’m not hating…I’m being honest with you. anyone that tells you differently is riding your coattails and being dishonest.
    Let’s see how long we’d remain friends after that convo! LOL

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