the marathon continues (nipsey hussle’s memorial service)

so bet streamed nipsey hussle’s memorial today at the staples center.
i decided to watch it,
which probably wasn’t a good idea.
you know i cry easily.
i thought i could be all tough,
but i legit had to wipe tears a few times.
i wanted to know how lauren london was dealing with it.
his whole family was in my thoughts and prayers,
but she was someone i was famillar with.
well she popped up so the kids could pay their respects

i couldn’t handle his story or his older daughter not being able to do it.
later on,
lauren had a few words:

…in which she handled really well.
she said the end part with the whole chest sticking out.
i loved what uncle snoop had to say:

snoop wasn’t shy about reppin with his blue.
i can’t get over how much they looked and acted alike.
i don’t know WHAT yg was thinking tho:

we got some light skin pretty girls we gotta raise.
we in trouble…”?????
was he high?
i loved his mother and brother’s speeches:

judging from the home videos they played of him as a kid,
he seemed to come from a really wholesome upbringing.
all in all,
it was a very sad going away service.
he didn’t deserve to die so soon.
i hope his loved ones are covered in light and love.
i pray they can all start to heal in time.

the marathon continues.

lowkey: lauren decided to commemorate nipsey in an interesting way…

i mean,
she’s an actress.
i know she wants to show her love,
but isn’t that tatt a tad too big?

video cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “the marathon continues (nipsey hussle’s memorial service)”

  1. That tattoo was beyondddddd me. She is still in the grieving stage so I’ll excuse the tattoo. but I can’t help but wonder was she so addicted to him and his gang like tendencies with repping all that damn blue and repping west coast. Also I can see it being a regular persons favorite color but it was liked because it was the gangs color. I’m tired of seeing all that damn blue. RIP to him and condolences to his girlfriend Lauren. They weren’t married guys!!!!!! Get over it.

  2. Chi….. I’mma keep my comments to myself about this further to sway gang related views but Snoop…ummm…

    1. I see no lies! It happens every 2 years once another one dies by the gun! They are then seen as this inspirational messiah who was so instrumental to society that we now have to carry the burden of their passing. I have to laugh!

  3. I know this is irrelevant to the situation, but Lauren looked absolutely beautiful at the service, I was stunned, I guess I expected her to appear as broken as I’m sure she feels, but the strength she and the kids showed was inspiring

  4. It’s whatever. Live by the lifestyle, die by the lifestyle. Sorry, I’ll be the one. Men like this shouldn’t still be role models for our community in 2019. He ain’t no pariah, he’s a bad influence.

    The only compassion I feel is for them kids that have to deal with his poor decision to be out here gangbanging as a grown ass man with responsibilities. And I’m hearing he had a supportive family and still chose to do it? Some people live that life because it’s all they knew/had

    1. And the fucked up part of it all…it was on the news that there was a drive-by shooting afterwards and some people got killed.
      Niggas gonna be niggas (ignant folk). Damn shame.

    2. I’m actually sick and tired of musicians in particular being exalted in the black community and placed on this pedestal as role models, especially rappers at that. The Nipsey worship is beyond laughable.

      I saw several comments calling him “LA King” or “2Pac of the current generation” whatever thats supposed to mean. I don’t worship 2Pac either and I’m over this glamorisation of thuggery in the black community. Its like you’re a social misfit or pariah if you don’t subscribe to the notion that these men were so infallible and gracious. Tired of it all.

  5. Ya know Jamari, when I get off for the weekend. I come to read some of the follow up posts and I can honestly say that some of the Foxholers be on A game and not with the bull. It’s refreshing to see people point out the spade in the community & not be caught up in sentimental mojo. The loss of life is always said but the reality of how things play out are worse.

    Kevin and Dee had very mind grabbing statements that really highlight some good points

    1. ^i respect the respectful.
      i’m not gonna curse anyone out for having a difference of opinion than mine.
      it may help me learn or allow me to agree to disagree.
      i don’t listen to anyone that tries to shade or disrespect me.
      it’s never that serious at all.

    2. Me too Jay, me too. Its refreshing to see that not everybody in the black community is sipping the koolaid and also its nice to see us as black LGBT somehow come to a common ground here in this foxhole space. While a minority in here want to exalt this man as if he was some sinless deity, the majority of us can see through the bullshit.

      I had to unfollow dozens on my instagram because my timeline was being over-saturated with nonsensical idolisation.

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