The Ifs, Ands, or (Big) Butts of Keo Motsepe

can you BELIEVE i was talking all this about normani on dwts…
…and was wrapped up with the foxhole i missed her?
i saw rashad jennings and beyond.
well i started catching up on the ones i missed and bumped into ^that wolf.
his name is keo motsepe and he is partnered with charo.
this is what caught my eye tho…

his tail is huge!
it has the right amount of curvage.
he knows he looks good too:

…and knows he can move that bawdy of his:

i’ll allow it.

lowkey: not all big tails like getting penetrated.
not saying keo is in the foxhole,
because he is straight until proven otherwise,
but many straights have big tails nowadays.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Ifs, Ands, or (Big) Butts of Keo Motsepe”

  1. Cutie with a fat ole booty. And he can move those hips. Imagine grippin those cakes while he’s digging you out missionary style..lawd! 🙈🦊

  2. This is more up my alley!. He’s got a cute personality, not roided up, can dance (WHEW), and dat asssss doe. He sexxxy.

  3. not surprised
    he is south african
    that country is the land of cakes
    on the average, south african men and women are stacked like none other
    must be something in the water

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