The Great Track (Unbreakable)

Janet-Jackson-Unbreakable-ThatGrapeJuice-e1440080292230-1this is my absolute favorite track on that new janet.
this is just a snippet.
its called…

“the great forever”.
i love the production of this song!
i been listening to this song on repeat.
i’m also stuck on “after you fall” and “night”.
its like every time you listen to this album,
there is some new shit/lyric you didn’t notice.
now my only beef is people are comparing this album to:

lets not jump ahead of ourselves.
unbreakable” is a great album,
and much needed from queen janet,
but to compare it to the GOAT that is “the velvet rope”?

giphylets not do this please.
now if you’ll excuse me…

*loads up some janet albums for my work week*

the velvet rope
damita jo


…and i think that’s about it.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “The Great Track (Unbreakable)”

  1. I like it if not just because it’s one of the more uptempo songs on the album.

    Comparing this album to the Velvet Rope? nononono….. (although the Janet. album is my absolute favorite) TVR can’t be touched by most albums in general.

    1. @Dynamo…I couldn’t agree more! I think the Janet. album is the best, followed by Rhythm Nation and then Velvet Rope.
      That’s just me though.

  2. I’m still trying to get into the album but this is one of the tracks I found my self able to grove to.

  3. I love how she can still be relevant and remain true to her style. I was never a super fan, but I do like her, and she’s making music that still sounds like Janet but its still modern sounding. Not many artists can do that. Many of them just go the typical “pop/edm” route like Usher did and lost any semblance of his original identity as an artist.

    Not Janet though. She’s still got it. Kudos Janet!v Take notes Mariah Carey!

  4. The Great Forever is wonderful, but I found Black Eagle to be a really dark horse for the album, just because you fall in love is the lyrics rather than the melody and production. I have to say Gon B Alright. The Motown/Psychedelic Soul sound with her raspy vocals are really lively in the song.

  5. They’re comparing unbreakable to the velvet rope cd, because they are both emotional,moody type of albums, but they are totally different. I love “after the fall”,”damn baby”and of course “the great forever!!” A Great album with a great team of Jam and Lewis!! She should never record without them again!!!

  6. It took me a few listens but if you play it from start to end this album is simply EXCELLENT. I’m a huge fan and even i’m shocked at how cohesively great this record is.

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