the first alleged male victim of diddy has arrived?

uh oh,
the first male has come forward about alleged sexual assault from diddy.

look what you done did

blood and mud“?
alleged yuck.
that sounds very specific.
i do have one question:

Why didn’t he go to the police?

this alleged happened in 1989,
way before diddy had power and pull in the industry.
i can also imagine how hard it would be for a male to report that too.
this is a lot tho.
i’ll be 110%:

I’m waiting for a rapping wolf to come forward with an alleged story.

one that will break the internet.
i know many are scared because by going with cassie’s complaint,
he has everyone on candid camera.
i can just imagine who did what in the butt and with whom.

when diddy said he was waiting for his karma in 2022 for “the shift“:

ya might have got it.

3 thoughts on “the first alleged male victim of diddy has arrived?

  1. I don’t believe these ppl were non conservatives Puff Daddy was the sauce especially in these places and no way in hell he could rape someone and get away with look at 2pac he was framed but arrested and sentenced to 5 years for rape and sodomy he was able to get a appeal and get out on bond which he was stil on when he was murdered. These are 💰 grabs and they will be dismissed they have no proof no witnesses they lookin for a Cassie check forgetting she got paid from Epic Records who was the last listed defendant on her lawsuit.

  2. I’m glad for more ppl coming forward, I’m ready for Diddy’s reign of terror to be over. To the question asked- male rappers were actually the some of the first to talk about the stuff diddy gets up to from 50 and the game and more, men have been talking about him publicly and nothing has come from it but it has been happening.

    1. Columbus Short said Diddy allegedly called him late one night and asked what he was doing and he said he was laying in bed with his wife.(now ex-wife) She thought it was one of Columbus’ hoes. Diddy allegedly told him to come over to a hotel. Columbus asked who was there and Diddy allegedly said just him. This is all alleged.

      Fabolous and Dr. Dre need to get theirs next. Hate a woman beater.

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