mr and mrs smith with the regular looking people

after i first saw “mr and mrs smith” ,
i said to myself:

“I want to meet someone to have the kind of chemistry Brad and Angelina had.”

the chemistry and sexual tension dripped through the screen.
it was the looks they gave each other and the energy between them…

like the wolves i met shortly after that i had the same chemistry with,
it wasn’t enough to keep brad and angelina together either.
when i heard they were remaking it into a show,
my ears were already perked.

“Donald Glover and Maya Erskine – who I done never heard of.”

it was an interesting casting choice for a movie that had two of the sexiest stars.
i just saw the teaser trailer for the show and…


he couldn’t cast a sexy black (or ish) vixen for this role?

i did like the part where she had that machine gun tho.
donald did get that bawdy in order tho,
didn’t he?

i guess they wanted to cast people who look “just like regular people“.
i guess once attentionistos started looking like bad bitches on social media,
they had to make celebrities look more like regula degulas in movies and tv.
balance guys,
its just balance.

i’ll check out the first episode on february 2024.

lowkey: i guess its good they aren’t super beautiful.
it would be like the movie.