the demon next door

we have covered some heinous shit,
but i think this one has got to be the absolute worst.
the demon on the right decided to kill his whole family,
but how he killed them tho via “the daily mail“…

Police in New York City are investigating a grisly double murder-suicide in which they say a man decapitated his wife, slit the throat of their five-year-old daughter and then took his own life by hanging Wednesday night, just hours after the woman tried to get an order of protection

According to the NYPD, at around 9.18pm officers responded to a 911 call requesting a welfare check inside an apartment at 151 West 121st Street in the Harlem section of Manhattan. 

Upon entering the unit, officers found Yonathan Tedla, 46, Jennifer Schlecht, 42, and their five-year-old daughter, Abaynesh Schlecht Tedla, dead inside

It is unclear how long the family had been dead before their bodies were discovered. 

Schlecht’s heartbroken father, Kenneth Schlecht, 74, tells New York Daily News that his daughter’s marriage was unraveling, and that his son-in-law had threatened to ‘take them all out’ if Jennifer tried to serve him with divorce papers.

Spectrum News NY1 said neighbors described the couple and their young daughter as ‘the perfect family’

this part tho:

Tedla was discovered in a bedroom, his wife in the bathroom, and their child in another bedroom, according to a press release from the police. The mother and daughter both had neck trauma. 

The New York Daily News reported, citing unnamed sources, that Schlecht was found decapitated, with her severed head resting in her lap.

Her daughter suffered a cut so deep to her neck that she was partially beheaded.

The five-year-old’s father was found hanging from a rope tied to a bedroom door.



you would think that was a scene in a horror movie.
i know everyone on that crime scene was horrified.
you never know whats happening in someone else’s home.
everyone is “perfect” until shit like this happens.

low-key: how could he kill them like that?
i know the neighbors heard that whole thing.

i’m sick.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “the demon next door”

  1. Demonic entities are real and some folks really are battling demons in their mind alongside mental illness every day

  2. Sin palabras… ninguna!… Actually I will say there appears to be a lot of similar (but perhaps not as grotesque) instances of whole family murder suicides of late… like every week recently… there’s somethin’ in the air… or like my grandma used to say, LAST DAYS activities… *shrugs*

  3. Damn, divorces can be deadly and turn ppl out for real!!! This is not rare thing to happen. She should have took those signs of attempted harm to split. My ass would have left everything, hell change my name and appearance.

  4. Tragic how someone could take another person’s life without any regard. It’s like watching Animal Planet. When they say humans are more sophisticated than animals but both have been proven to be wild. I got to the death of the child and stopped reading.

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