I Like Pussy

Some of us have been with a Vixen.

I know.
I know Wolves and Foxes who know the insides of a pussy down to the lining.
I know some who vomit at the thought.
I know some who were male whores and are now super duper feminine and are dick hunters.
I also know a ton of others who are dating Vixens and love some Foxtail on the side.

It is life and we all have stories.

I will admit that I dated Vixens before.
Only 2 stand out that really left a lasting impression.
Others were either too damn ghetto, were in relationships, or I lost interest before she opened her mouth.
But I always knew I liked me a Wolf.
Vixens were just distractions from the truth.
I had strong attraction to Wolves as far as I could remember.
Hell, I started masturbating well before my 13th birthday.
First it was titties in Vicky Secrets catalogs I stole from my mother…
and then it went was the way a Wolf’s ass looked as it pounding some pussy.
That is another subject for another day and time.

So I have to ask all my Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes..

Have you ever been with a Vixen?

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kid Again

To be a young cub again…

Christmas actually meant something when we were kids.
You believe that a fat older man slid down a chimney…
Well wait, for many of us, we didn’t have chimneys because I know I had none…
So, a fat older man who knew how to pick locks…
walked in and planted mysterious presents under a tree.
I heard that he even went in the fridge and ate our milk and cookies too!

It was what made us eager to get up in the morning to see if we were good or not.
And for the next couple days, time went by slowly because we had a week-long vacation to do whatever.
Cartoons, video games, toys, and all you can eat from the fridge.
Sounded like the perfect vacation package to me.

Do you miss being a kid?

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Lay Down Some Rubber (9)

It has been about my FOXES all this week.
I am actually enjoying all the feedback WE have been getting.
Hell, WE deserve it.

So, you know we love young, dumb, and fine, right?
Has anyone noticed these young Wolves have bodies of Baller and grown Wolves???

YUP, we love that here!

I have three candidates for this latest inquiry…

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Romeo! Romeo! Where Thou Art… GatDamn.

Remember when Romeo use to look like this:

I’d probably would not give him the time of day either but…

This muthafucka now looks like this:

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Can I F*ck Your Face? (Story of Turned Out)

I got an interesting message from someone I use to know yesterday.
He looked up to me as a big brother…

he is trying to have my lips on his dick.

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