Lay Down Some Rubber (9)

It has been about my FOXES all this week.
I am actually enjoying all the feedback WE have been getting.
Hell, WE deserve it.

So, you know we love young, dumb, and fine, right?
Has anyone noticed these young Wolves have bodies of Baller and grown Wolves???

YUP, we love that here!

I have three candidates for this latest inquiry…

… but, out of the three young Wolves,
who would you lay down some rubber for?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (9)”

  1. It’s in the food yall it’s in the food lol all those steroids that have been injected into our chicken and beef supply is the culprit lol.

  2. I actually would go 1 & 3. I feel that while the rest of you foxes were going after 2, I’d have 1 or 3 to myself and show them that its not just about the looks for me.

  3. If I did any of em, it’d be 2, though I’m not feeling any of them honestly. All of em give me hybrid, though lol

  4. Tome they are all way too young, however if I had to pick one I would go with # 2, because he seems to be more contained that the rest of them, and I think that he likes to work. # 1 if that is his wall and judging by the pictures on it he may be too immersed in the life style for use to be compatible in the long run, cause I think he may have a gaggle of young gay friends that he runs around with. I think #3 would be too much of a management problem because he has that ” I am entitled look in his eyes lol.

  5. #2 and yes that back is sick as fuck, something about that V that gets me… #3 cause who look like he has a mean ass stroke….then #1 maybe…#hybrid

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