Eye To Eye (The Kiddies)

tumblr_static_blue_hipster_triangle_doller_eyethis morning,
i was severely eye fucked until i couldn’t be eye fucked anymore.

i was eye fucked so hard,
i needed a cigarette afterward…
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When I Grow Up, I Want To Rule The World.

tumblr_meaoldxhOd1rxm61fo1_500my answer:
probably not.
i can be honest enough to say that.
they would be “oh wow thats cool!!!!” at the superficial and some material tho.
i haven’t begun to rule the world like i wanted.
deep question.

lowkey: i need to get that “8 year old jamari” mind frame back.
i asked and i received.
i never gave up.
i fought for what i wanted.
if i didn’t get it,
that was unacceptable.
its amazing to me how i look back and see life/people broke me.

“Braylon Edwards” Also Comes In A Younger Model

brayloneyou know how i feel about the advanced version.
i’d take him down to the garden for a little dip.
an f-bi sent me his younger model and i won’t even lie…

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You Need To Be 18 and Up To Ride “The Honey Badger”

honeybadgerthe honey badger has already started acting up.
well, already since he has been drafted.
our favorite ratchet baller wolf,
tyrann mathieu,
wants to make sure his pussy is legal.
look at a conversation he had with a young groupie
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