Meat of the Minute: GAD-DAMN!!

You got this Daddy…

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Aww Suge Knight’s Son Is Sweet

I was expecting a big ol buff mini Man-Gorilla…

But, I was kind of surprised…

To see….

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Wacka Flocka Likes To Give Things Away For Free

Wacka Flocka is making headlines in the news about everything except his career.
I wouldn’t know one of his songs if he drove by me playing it.

I can’t say this Fox is a fan.

Seems like one of his eager groupies got a little more from Wacka than she expected.
Something I am sure she will remember for a VERY long time.

Click here to see what she got…

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Who The Hell Is Leroy From MTV…

…. and why is he not naked in my bed?

I stopped watching Real World many moons ago.
I think Coral was a house member last time I checked that show out.
Anyway, I was browsing and came across this video of this fine brotha…

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Ray Edwards Likes See Thru Man Drawz

This big buff body stallion of a mutha-fucka “Wolf?”, Ray Edwards, has a body I’d like to climb.
I mean, he a big tall mountain of a nigga.
But after some late night sexting,
he sent the right photos to the wrong Vixen (or Fox?)….

Would you still fuck with him after he showed you these?

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