The Jamari Fox Computer Fund!

One of my readers suggested I accept donations for my computer fund.
I always believing in asking when in need of assistance, so why not?
So I set up a PayPal account this morning for the cause!


Thank you so much
Foxes, Wolves, Hybrids, and Vixens out there!

The Feeling of Being “Here”

I feel un-satisfied.
And because of that today, I feel like I want attention.
I guess one can say I am feeling like a brat.
I figured write out my feelings and maybe someone out there could relate…
… or I just talked to myself and, yeah.

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That’s Daddy Right There: Devin Thomas

So if you haven’t guessed by now…

I LOVE football players.

and this football player I LOVE.

Not even for their money but their builds.
But this dude right nigga ….
This dude right HERE……

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