Azealia Banks Thinks Snow Wolves Are “Nice and Easy”

azealia_banks-luxury-music-videoso azealia banks is known for her “pro black” stance these days.
not about her music,
but i guess “fighting the power” is better.
well one of her followers called her out about being “pro black”,
but admitting to dating old snow foxes with money.
the shade room caught the exchange and well…
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Are You The… Rainbow Fuckin’ Kind?

Would you date him:

Chris “Fine As Hell” Evans.
I sure would.
I sure to HELL would.

What about him?

Paul Walker just does things to me.

The Snow Wolves.
A place that we never thought of looking at,
but should we?
Should we, as Foxes, take a break from the chocolate and take a bite into the vanilla?
Is it selling out? Or is it just tired of the bullshit?
Are we just tired of all the requirements to successfully find ourselves in a solid relationship?
One with a man that we are attracted to and will treat us the way we want?
One who ain’t:

On Drugs
Selling Drugs
or Just Messy?

I had to wonder…

Are you willing to play in the snow?

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