Remember When I Use To Get All That Dick?

Life is funny.

I am sick as a dog with a stomach bug.
It feels like the devil’s incarnate mega hell stomach bug.
I am throwing up, feeling normal, and then throwing up again.
Let me not get into the shittin’ aspect of it all.

It is absolute hell.

But even during all that I realized something about this shit called life.
No pun intended.

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Doctor, Doctor

This flu is kicking my ass.

It really is.

This is one of the times I wish I had a dude to take care of me.
Get me up on my soup and make store runs.
Check up on me on occasions.
Take my temperature and feed me my medicine…..

…. all while wearing Timbalands, a white apron, and buck ass NAKED….well, maybe boxer briefs.
Yeah I said it.
His stethoscope all swing buck wild.
Nasty ass….. you know what I mean.

(shit even give me a routine prostate exam….)

But, seriously, imagine this…

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