MEAT | RE-HEAT | (601)

its time for me to go to bed.
early meeting tomorrow plus i’m horny as hell.

tumblr_m7lzukhJGc1r9zqxgo1_500thanks tumblr,
from jamari and “ratchet jamari”.

MEAT | RE-HEAT | (600)

tumblr_n7ohlaeRyQ1tebb41o1_1280well don’t be shy now…
so remember ( x this )?
well one of my f-bi found him and wanted to share.
his name is kevin carnell and well…
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Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 7.59.15 PMmy fav,
lonnie aka body_by_lonnie,
just had a photo shoot over the weekend.
check out some preview shots…
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Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.32.39 PMi haven’t seen one of the foxhole favs and his stacks of meat,
bkbrandon in a while.
still looking delicious i see.
on other news,
bkbrandon is expecting his first child so congrats to him!
i predict a very cute baby making its debut next year-ish.


tumblr_mveic71ZkQ1qc089po1_500i think i posted this meat before.
either way,
i like the jail tatt vibe he got going on.
nice for a lonely afternooner,
don’t you think?


tumblr_mpi0r23n8S1rygtoso7_1280ya’ll know how i feel about the owner of this torso.
it belongs to sexy ass fitness wolf jacob sumana.
he took some new photos with foto 119 photography and well…
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