enjoy your ride with “grindr” in the the sky!

i’ll never forget when i had the sex app,
it was like a few years ago.
i went to the movies one day and it happened to be on.
i got so many messages from randoms in theater.
some were in my movie sitting next to vixens!
i wasn’t shocked because some males have no chill.
so this snow wolf:

 jp thorn,
got his message while in the sky.
the app?
this is what a foxholer sent me via “daily mail”
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I Wonder What It’s Like In His Cock-pit?

i love a wolf in uniform.

police officers
army officials

the occasional security guard
sometimes i’ll even low peep a mcdonald’s worker

…but i always had a thing for a hot pilot.
nothing takes my fantasies off than riding a pilot first class.
…or was it riding first class because of a pilot?
either way,
^this pilot wolf caught my eye on tumblr.
he also likes to show off whats underneath that uniform too…
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