Omarion Puts His Tweet In His Ass

Maybe he can fold himself up in those cakes of his until this blows over…

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Omarion Cums In “Her Room”

After that Omarion post last week,
I figured this would be a good co-sign to up his “sexual stock”.

(Sexual Stock = we will talk about that soon)

He joined Teyana Taylor for the 10,000th remix version to Drake’s  “Marvin’ Room“…


Peep under the tab for the video…

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The “Gay For Play” Straight Wolf

“What are you doing in Chicago?” – I asked.
“Chillin.” – He quickly replied.
“Who are you fucking out there?”
“Who is the Fox?”
“He is.”

… and this person is supposedly be straight.

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Omarion: The Cakey Sex Symbol?

I didn’t think O-Cakes was much of a sex symbol.
I guess Trey Songz has set the standard, huh?

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