Omarion… What?


too easy…

What was the theme of this shoot exactly?

he needs to cut the shit and show more of this….

maybe bow wow the wolves will wife him up and make him a house-husband.


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21 thoughts on “Omarion… What?”

  1. he did put on some weight bruh. When he did the male strip routine somewhere, backstage he didnt have a shirt on with all the sexy men around him. On stage he had on a vest though, I guess they told him you have a small gut. I guess when your career is not going the way you want it to you pack on the lbs.

  2. He didn’t gain any weight that I can see. Still looks great to me! Being an emotional eater; and a military child I understand the challenges of trying to be physically fit and well rounded. Omarion should pursue a modeling contract for real; and I think if he gets back to the core of good soulful R&B music he can make it.

  3. It’s a fashion shoot, so I’m not gonna get on him about that…tho I still wouldn’t mind getting on him period 😉

    But I refuse to believe that Bow-Wow or Trey is a Wolf. At best, vers, but not wolf. O & Bow were fuggin each other…or Teyana was doing it w/the dildo

  4. Omarion is sexy. Y’all acting like he’s morbidly obese, snoring while he’s awake, or something. Grown ass men should not look like hungry little boys. We all knew he had a fat ass, but his thighs, hairy legs, handsome face…he can get it. He’s a Scorpio, a lil short, but he’s probably a bedroom bully. I ain’t mad at him at all.

    Now Lil Romeo just need to age 5 more years and he can get it too.

    1. I agree! Y’all can have the Wiz Khalifa’s and New Boys. What’s this fascination with frail weed heads in skinny jeans? Leave that for the hipsters. I need a man that’s not gonna break while breaking me off. I love this photo shoot and Omari can sure get it in with this fox.

      1. #whoisjamarifox :
        Wiz Khalifa could never get up in me.
        I don’t know how Amber Rose does it.

        haha! but you know the pipe is probably right. Its always the skinny ones with that arm schlongage.

  5. yeah i dont see either of them as wolves either. trey and bow both act like lil girls with the tantrums they throw off camera…(sidebar..cant believe i said wait instead of weight in my previous

  6. I like this photo shoot. It’s tantalising. Leads the imagination astray. The hairy calves elude to a man who is body conscious, but not metrosexual. Those thighs tell me the glutes are probably plump and tight. He’s a lil short for my taste. A spinner. All the same I wouldn’t mind playing patty cake with him 🙂

  7. What she’s wearing in that one where she’d hanging from the door frame is really cute. I love her jeans. Cute girl. Can’t hate on her.

  8. Shiittt, I’d keep Omarion in the bedroom putting in work. He’d never leave. You can tell by those thighs dude has a serious ass on him.

  9. He is mighty thick and i like it. . So what if he gaiedn a little, it obviously settled in all the right places. There are probably some butt shots that didn’t make the cut. Hopefully somebody will put them out there for us to appreciate.

  10. Omarion is a Fox.
    maybe fox/wolf/but still fox.

    Ive met him in person and he is SHORT.
    i mean, that nugga is super SHORT.

    he is attractive in person tho and i could not see the tail because he had on some intricate outfit when I met him LOL

  11. He really has grown into his looks…dude was not a pretty sight when he was that skinny led boy when B2K first came out…but hate all you want, thick is hellar sexy on him and dude got swag…i must say i would not mind having that for a night of two or three.

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