Dear Me, You Suck


insecurity can fuck your whole shit up.
i often admire those who truly don’t give a fuck.
they don’t care about the logistics of fuck giving.
if you stopped speaking to them today,
they would be off to the next tomorrow.
everyone has a level of insecurity.
no one is completely “fuck free”.
well i imagine those who escape death and live to tell about it.
maybe even old people.
i had to wonder…
how does one calm the screaming voices of insecurity inside their heads?

the voices that tell them:

you aren’t good enough
you are wasting your time
you will get hurt by him/her
you will not be anything
you are ugly
you don’t have a big ass
you are too skinny
you are too fat
you don’t look good in pictures
you will die

how do you escape that to truly like a “fuck free” life?
one that doesn’t involve taking your own life.
i had to wonder…

How do you co-habituate with insecurity?…
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