Life Ain’t Sweet Without Being Tested

tumblr_myv7xgrpij1rdjx0to4_1280they say in the bible:

“to much is given,
much is tested…”

well i think thats in the bible.
either way i had a thought tonight while i lay on the couch.
the thought was has anyone
gotten to where they needed to be,
 into the relationship of their dreams,
or even just lived an overall better life,
by just being tested to all extremes?
i had to wonder…

Do we really achieve greatness after great tests?

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The Foxhole Is About To Have Master Chefs In the Making!

when i tell ya’ll i’m so proud!!!!

okay so everyone knows JAY.
he is one of the most outspoken of the foxhole comment section.
well, he decided to cook the meal i suggested to a fox:

f0xmail: A Wolf Is Coming To My Crib and I Don’t Want To Kill Him!!!! Help!!!

JAY has never cooked before.
tonight was his first time trying something new.
ready to see what it looks like?…

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