jussie smollett shows us how being black and gay does pay off

too soon?

*before i start,
can i font how much i appreciate the foxhole?
when a story breaks,
i get the alerts from you guys.
from the bottom of my font,
i am extremely grateful.

so jussie smollett has much to celebrate about.
he might even be planning his “told ya so” party for the weekend.
as you know,
he has been dragged through the mud about his alleged hate crime,
even while holding on tight to his alleged innocence.
in a twist that made me swallow my banana whole,
all of the charges against him were dropped early today.
not only that,
his record was expunged like nothing happened.
( x read more here )
he was free to go with some community service under his belt.

just like that.
i know you’ve been anticipating to read my thoughts

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Counterfit Bills and A Quarter Pounder With Cheese

i guess this “soon to, but maybe not” pre baller wolf was hungry.
listen the struggle is real and got people doing dumb shit.
everyone meet zayd issah:


it seems high school lunch just wasn’t enough.
do they still do pizza day?
he got busted using counterfeit bills at mcdonalds and other restaurants…

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