Foxy Lifestyle: We Don’t Invest In Broke Wolves Here

When we meet any Wolf, we tend to be wrapped up in “looks”,
that we don’t remember to do proper background checks.

There is more to a man than FINE.
FINE is okay to look at and occasionally let beat the cakes…
but what about when FINE wears off and you have to get to know dude?

First question when meeting ANY Wolf: 

Are you lazy?

That should always be the first question in your mind.

Lazy = broke.
Broke = sexy.


Face it, most broke Wolves are the sexiest.

I am going to show you how to budget the Wolves by importance.
Who you should be taking seriously, who has potential…

… and who you SHOULDN’T even be answering their call.

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Broke Wolves Don’t Get Assets

I know you want to get this.
I know you want to kiss this.
I know you want to frisk this.
I know you want to love this.
I know you can’t resist this.

…always want to holla,
but you ain’t got no dollars…


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Pay Me With Dick

Imagine meeting this….

Sexy as hell right?

The lips are on point.
Jawline is bananas.
Hopefully, the dick is like butter pecan pie.

He would definitely be commander in chief on your sex spaceship.

there is a problem.

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