Walter White Is Base God and You Will Bow To Him

tumblr_mty1smQalA1sjya2bo1_500i weeped like a little girl watching breaking bad last night.
i’ll admit it.
no fucks.
last night was the final episode of breaking bad.
i am so happy of the breaking bad team for how they ended it.
walter white went out like a g.
he is my tv hero.
went from awkward chemistry teacher to the one not to fuck with.
“i’m the one who knocks”.
i felt so sad for him because you get so invested in this man’s life.
sadly he got too wrapped up in the game and left a lot of broken people in his trail.
i couldn’t stand that ungrateful bitch and son he called his family.
in any event:
breaking bad was one of the best shows ever.

if you haven’t checked it out,
please please please!!!
they are all definitely on ( x netflix ).
(i’ll hook you up with the final season).
if you didn’t get a chance to watch the final episode:

x watch it here

good bye walter white.
it was a wild five years,
but it was sooooooooo worth it!


Don’t NOBODY Talk To Me During Breaking Bad Tonight

breaking-bad-season-5-gets-premiere-datei don’t know if the foxhole got into breaking bad,
but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
i caught up on that show in two weeks last year…
….and then they curved my ass by telling me they were returning in a year.
august 11th, 2013.
well walter white and jesse pinkman return for the final episodes on this day.
i’m sad but damn it was a good ride.
for those who didn’t watch it: get into it.
for those who did and need a quick refresher

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