I Met A Wolf and I’m Already Acting Like “Boomquisha”.

“nothing sup with you…”
“liked your pictures and i want to get to know you…”
“lol i said i want to get to know you. i’m feeling what i see…”
“wait, what?”
“are you okay?
“i’m fine, i’m not retarded. you’re just… different… and that’s different.”


yeah foxes…
no sex?
no “how fat is my ass“?
no” when can we fuck“?
no “can we chill one day to watch a movie“?
you actually… want to get know me?
what’s wrong with you?

an illusion?
a robot?
your left leg is longer than the right?

we all have a hidden “boomquisha/pookie” within us.
that “eye rolling/huffin and puffin/”why is you lying?” spirit that thinks everything is not what it is.
as much as we want to be “buffy/scott“:
the smiling/excited/naive spirit!
… we sometimes simply can’t.

you stay with a hard eye roll because you already know “seeing it believing” and “niggas is bullshit“.
it is a shocker when someone in the lifestyle actually wants to get to know you.
are we so jaded into already thinking the wolf on the other end may only be interested in one thing?
or, is this what the lifestyle has brought us?

i started to wonder…

Do we sabotage potential relationships with our thoughts?

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