Stop Provoking Men To Hit You!

BxRSiGUIUAAAXrXits always that one pineapple that does way too much.
i wonder what his credit score and grades lookin like?

tumblr_lar6t71uQq1qzjix8i’ll wait.
can someone refresh my memory when janay provoked ray?
i’m confused…
because from what i saw in the video,
she was walking away and he was swinging at her.
maybe i missed the extended version,

lowkey: i wonder if he has a shirt in is funky collection that says:


i’ll wait.
his fuckin’ dumb ass.

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4 thoughts on “Stop Provoking Men To Hit You!”

  1. So unfortunate…the one time I’m not at Revel and this happened…I could of had an inside scoop for you and paid off my student loans. Don’t worry the full truth will probably come out soon since all those people lost their job this month…that bartender/waitress and next the dealer if they were gambling at the tables. This will be spinned into a “You wanna act like a man get treated like one”

  2. Da fuck? These fans are delusional as hell. I was a fan of Ray’s, but when I saw that video, I was off the bandwagon for good.

    He is a running back who is 27, his chances of having a great impact on another team in the future are low. His game was on the decline already anyway, and he only had a few good years left.

  3. Don’t cry for me Argentina. It seems that Ray Rice received a signing bonus of about $10 million or so in the past year or two. He, his wife and their child should not be homeless and hungry anytime soon.

    From watching the video, I seem to recall her swinging at him (but apparently) missing as the walked to the elevator. Then when he followed her into the elevator, he shoved her and she started flailing at him. He went to the other side of the elevator and she charge him while flailing at him and that’s when he connected to the right side of her head with a left cross. And she was out!

    By the way, it is my opinion that he should have restrained her or otherwise defended himself. From the pictures Jamari published his flexed bicepts are about as big as a watermelon. He went to far to punch her as he did.

    The moral of the story: Men and women should keep their hands to themselves. Words are not justifications for violence by men or women.

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