Sooooooo Von Miller Got My Vote!

tumblr_o9vn2gIBOR1to30a1o4_1280so von miller won in:


…for the 2016 espn bawdy issue.
take a peek at the rest of his shots…

with quick video via football jock straps:

got me feelin’ stupid horny tonight.
you know i can only take “baller wolf bawdy” in small doses.

see more video | full article on von:

pictures credited: espn | von miller | footballjockstraps

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Sooooooo Von Miller Got My Vote!”

  1. that Tattoo on his ass has me speechless . Wonder who put it there?..hmmm sexy mother fucker he is .’.damn.vhe is now my eye candy to watch for the Broncos games.

  2. Been a fan of Von and dat ass since his college football days! Love those thighs too. And they kept him shirtless and in tight hugging pants on Dancing with the Stars this past season!!! He’s hot!!!🔥

  3. Y’all! Search for the ‘T’ on Mr. Miller….Wolves have a more than a chance, we got a SHOT!

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