i think this is what comedians feared after “the slap” tbh.
they felt like even if they made a joke about someone,
they would be liable to get slapped or put in a chokehold.
who knew dave chapelle would be next?
he got tackled by a hyena with a gun at the hollywood bowl…

someone caught the tackle for our review:

someone caught the jackal after he got his ass beat back:

run up and get done up.

lowkey: if this joke happened today,
i wonder if dude would have ran up on martin for this…

lowkey2: Lawd knows t.i. couldn’t take a joke a few weeks ago…

i cannot believe this is how far t.i. has fallen.


  1. Let’s not act like this is the first time comedians have been attacked. This is not the first time. People throw shit at them. Some approach them backstage. Just because you have a microphone means you can say what you want about anybody can call it “its a joke”. Jokes get people fucked up. Some people will step to you.

    This case, he wanted the smoke and the attention. How do you become famous, by tackling a legendary comedian and getting yo ass beat. You know how many offers he is going to get to tell his story. Dave was ending his show, why would you tackle him then.

  2. Please don’t blame will each grown adult is responsible for them selves and all there actions period the world is fucked up let’s blame trump’

  3. Unfortunate and Sad.

    I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened to Dave sooner[ NOT THAT HE IS DESERVING ,OR THAT THIS IS ACCEPTABLE]

    He has said some things wayyy more offensive than Chris Rock’s “G.I. Jane ” joke. There have and always will be Crazy unstable people who have an intent to harm public figures ,celebrities and politicians.

    *John Hinkley ( Reagan)
    *Mark David Chapman ( Lennon)
    *James L Ray ( MLK)

  4. I gotta watch the Dave Chappelle thing so I can get the full context before I comment. But on that T.I. video, where was the fucking security to escort him off that stage?!? The misogyny of it all it what disgusts me the most. He would have never pressed up on a man like that or even gotten away with it. All that carrying on for what?!? I know TI done said some dumbass shit that made you side eye him but this behavior right here is appalling. I simply cannot!

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