i’m still kinda sick today.
i can tell my body has been fighting off what’s going on.
this is totally my fault tho.

i be stupid.

so i made some bomb-ass chicken when i first got a jar of sour cream.
i got it like 2 or 3 weeks ago.
when i seasoned my chicken on sunday,
it said the best by date was a week ago.
i made a lot of things with sour cream around that time and felt fine.
the chicken was already seasoned before i saw the cover.
it was one of those moments i decided to take a chance.
i cooked the chicken on monday and…

I felt started feeling sick that night.
My body didn’t allow me to vomit,
but I did feel nauseous.
I didn’t have to violently use the toilet either.
I could taste the sour cream in my throat tho.

i was really tired,
had chills,
and was just over it.
so i took a legit sick day yesterday.
i slept throughout the day,
but when i was up,
i watched a few movies.

i loveddddddddddd this movie and ima watch it again.
i was into it that heavy.
i wonder if they’ll ever put poison ivy in one of these movies?
what would a “realistic” poison ivy even look like?

from the trailers,
i thought it was gonna be wack.
i was surprised how into this movie i was.
it was nick fury’s origin story too.
i’m watching all the marvel movies in order every night.
iron man is next on the list.

even though there are only 2 episodes of “we own this city” on hbo max,
i really was into it.
it’s about a true story about corrupt cops in baltimore.
surprise, surprise about cops being corrupt…?
if you liked the wire then you’ll probably like this.
there are a ton of cast members from the wire on it.

what i needed to make me laugh out loud.
this show goes by long.
during in the night,
i was like i’m NOW on the 4th episode of the first season?
i thought i was on the way to the end.
that is where i left off and will continue later.
the main character,
annoys me to no end tho.


 i’m 70% on the sickness scale.
i think laying up,
and getting engrossed in good tv helped.

i’m taking it slow on the BRAT diet and ginger tea.

I woke up at like 6 am with the urge to get on The Foxhole

that is a good sign.


  1. I’ve done that too.

    It’s linked to “not wanting to waste food”. But as long as it tasted good, I’ll deal with being in the restroom repeatedly.

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