Smelly Dick, Smelly Dick, What Are They Feeding You?

cleanliness is the next thing to godliness.
we are foxes/wolves/and hybrids.
let’s be real.
when we don’t wash or clean,
we stink.
and BOY,
can we stink.
some boys don’t know how to clean themselves.
some don’t like to clean themselves.
they just run free in all their funk.
a friend of mine learned the hard way about that “stink“.
that p funk.
that pepe le pew swagg.

he couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

thank god i wasn’t eating.
we’ll do a quick speed through of what went down…

hybrid meets wolf online.
wolf is cute.
hood wolf swagg.
horny today.
they been sexting for a week.
he asks the hybrid to come over his crib today.
wolf lived in the projects.
hybrid says the crib was messy.
in fact he said it was beyond nasty.
bathroom was gross.
toilet had shit stains.
wolf stunk.
wolf’s socks were nasty.
hybrid makes up excuse.
hybrid leaves.
no sexy time.

first of all:


why would he invite someone over to his house,
someone he is trying to smang,
and his house and him are disgusting?
no water?

no money to afford cleaning supplies?
i thought people actually took pride in their appearance these days.
i guess not.

i had that happen to me…
…but in reverse.
young wolf came over.
he is on top of me.
we about to get it in.
he decided to tell me that he didn’t shower in 4 days,
but he showered for me so i should know he thinks i’m important.

awww how… nice…. of you???
what part of sexy time should that be said?
the bad part is he came to my crib looking swagged out.
you would have thought he took 3 showers a day!

i like that little gym sweat.
that work out funk.
that after smanging scent.
i’ll need you to see a shower within the 30 minutes after.


16 thoughts on “Smelly Dick, Smelly Dick, What Are They Feeding You?

  1. Frosty and Iceed are on point. Toilet paper don’t do jack. After I shit I wash my ass. Even tops need fresh ass and balls. You dont want somebody sucking your dick and smelling must and shit. I have been to Europe several times and used bidets. Why dont they have them here.

      1. use your finger and a slight rub …. or as your working your way down before the drawers come off take a sniff ….. that will tell you whether to proceed …lol

  2. I side eye anyone that still uses toilet paper. That’s gross. Your ass doesn’t even get clean with toilet paper. Baby wipes or a bidet works perfectly fine.

  3. How can a grown ass dude fix face and tell someone that they haven’t washed their dirty ass in 4 days, but because you’re special they washed it for you?

    The fuck. Unless you’re in a hostage situation or camping, you should be washing your ass daily. At least the hot zones.

    Anybody with a ring around the the toilet is a sorry trifling bastard. That’s just wrong.

    They can’t be trusted.

    Dirty ass feet, fingernails, cars (inside and out) and kitchens get an automatic chop too.

    1. Right. What happens when you cuff him? I guess he will start not taking care of himself again. SMH

      LOL@ They can’t be trusted.

  4. Oh my goodness. LMAO….I bet if it was a woman he would have cleaned up. I’m serious, y’all know how niggas get. He probably figured since dude was a man too that he should understand the mess. I am not messy and nasty at all, but I put on my best when company is coming. I make sure I’m extra clean along with the space wound me, I believe in showering before and after sex too.

    Damn, and I cannot believe that dude didn’t shower for four damn days. Where do they do that at?

    1. ^excellent point on showering before and after sex.
      if we plan on getting that booty eaten,
      we better shower before sex.

      i have a question…
      how do wolves prepare their ass for some good eatens?
      do wolves do flushes too?

      1. Well, I don’t about the rest of the Wolves, but I don’t get my ass ate lol. I’m gonna keep it short, what I can’t reach during a shower doesn’t get clean lol.

      2. The thorough ones do flushes. The rest just clean regularly. Its not like someone is going to stick their head up their ass. Lol

        Lowkey, when I smash a bottom that has a really clean ass that gets all wet and slippery and still has no odor or smells like cocoa butter, I wanna ask them what their regimen is. They should get awards or something. Lol

      3. Y’all better take it seriously. It’s some dudes that will pop you if you shit on them. If it’s a dude that I’m in a relationship it’s excusable. We just have to find a way to fix it.

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