Sigh/SMH Combo Platter

Foxes and Wolves….

This is the face of basicNESS at it’s BEST…..

Please point and laugh as you walk past.

Do not speak to them.
Do not acknowledge their cries.
Let these two sit and THINK about what they have done.

He JUST did good with Takers.
Been looking dapper and making his rounds.
Getting his reputation back in order.

…..and then he pulls this shit!!!

I know his publicist lost some hair these last few days!
….all over some damn weed.
Bonnie and Clyde, they are NOT.

BTW – Tiny is looking very “Miss Piggy like” in that mugshot.
I think it is the pink.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww c’mon…….

it’s all jokes people.
You know you laughed.



6 thoughts on “Sigh/SMH Combo Platter

  1. Lmao i can see the Ms. Piggy resemblance. And it sucks that he got arrested again but he kind of had it coming. Still looks sexy in that mug shot tho!

    1. He does. He should have known better. I just sent you a comment on a blog you wrote too. How ironic!

      Are you going to partake in this weekend’s festivities in your neck of the woods?

      1. Does ice melt?! I’ve never missed Pride and don’t understand the people who do. The finest men you’ve ever seen in your life are walkin’ the street and driving in cars you wish you could be seen in. Tonight is the main club night… Either go to see the gorgeous trade or go see Nicki Minaj. Decisions, decisions.

      2. Strangely, i don’t take pictures lol. I just look and burn the images into my psyche. If you haven’t done an ATL Pride you really should. People will try to knock it but they’re just bitter.

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