When He Smacks You On The Ass, It Means He Owns Alla That

so it’s safe to say ti and tiny are not “off”?
i haven’t been keeping up with their drama.

xscape performed in the a for their tour over the weekend.
tiny brought out ti and well via the shade room
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Tiny Got Everyone Out Here Wanting To Be “Ghastly Grey”

1414771541970_wps_4_Tameka_Tiny_Harris_Undergtiny has started a movement.
she gonna have people getting their passports,
and ebola shots,
up to date just to africa to get ( x their eye color changed ).
you know this is serious when she gets on good morning america…
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Time To Change My Eye Color To “Ghastly Grey”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.28.51 PM ass shots are out!
new eyes are in!
contacts are out!
surgery is in!
it seems like everyone will be running to change their eye color.
will you?
well tiny,
t.i. lovely wife,
got her eyes re-done after much speculating.
this is her new eye color,
along with what she said on instagram

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T.I. Gets A Little Peen Leakage?

this one is a doozy.
one of my f-bi alerted me that t.i. had some peen leakage quite recently.
well another f-bi sent me the picture from an alleged leak.
the scene?
some pool with tiny,
and some randoms.
the scandal?
well take a look…
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Country Grammar And Other Responses

ti-and-tinyum no they not.
so as you know,
t.i and floyd where fighting over tiny down in vegas this memorial day weekend.
at fatburger.
lets not forget that part.
anyway each one of them gave their responses of what happened yesterday.
floyd had to say this…
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I Want A XXL Fatburger With A Side of Beef

FIGHTATFATi feel like “fighting” and “fatburger” should not be in the same sentence.
so you in vegas with ya people for memorial day weekend.
after all the events,
you head to fatburger for some early morning food.
you look over and see floyd mayweather and his people eating.
you head nod floyd and keep eating.
you see an angry t.i. and his goons storm in and suddenly,
chairs are flying and fists are being exchanged.
you grab ya food and run like all hell.
tumblr_mvvvy5x0PG1sgl0ajo1_500good times were had by all.
well that was the scene in fatburger this morning when these two niggas decided to get tah boxin’.
of course tmz has some footage…
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