Time To Change My Eye Color To “Ghastly Grey”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.28.51 PM ass shots are out!
new eyes are in!
contacts are out!
surgery is in!
it seems like everyone will be running to change their eye color.
will you?
well tiny,
t.i. lovely wife,
got her eyes re-done after much speculating.
this is her new eye color,
along with what she said on instagram

Screenshot_2014-10-24-18-45-22…before she deleted it.
tumblr_mek8bbEj5Z1r5wsg2-1i guess she couldn’t handle the many “wtf???” comments.
how fun was that shameless plug tho?
personally i couldn’t do it.
blindness and cataracts is not whats poppin’ for 2015.
even though she claims it is safe,
whats going to happen couple years down the line?
this is how they do the procedure over at bright ocular:











tumblr_inline_msizhaY1a21qz4rgpmmm mmm.
not me.
i don’t think so.
get it out of here.
i’ll take my chances putting fix a flat and silly putty in my ass.

lowkey: don’t they new grey eyes look so…


is there blue,
and green options?

see more at: brightocular

20 thoughts on “Time To Change My Eye Color To “Ghastly Grey”

  1. i came across this surgery years ago while reading this blogger page online, i wanna say it was like 2009 ish. He was a young, dark brown skin guy. Handsome and had the deepest brown eyes, but he wanted blue eyes and his blog was following his process to get there…so eventually he got the surgery done and he debuted his new deep baby blue eyes..and it looked freaky, even CREEPY like how the actors wear those horrible looking contacts on horror movies when they’re possessed or something…but i also read that people who get these surgeries have many complications down the line and some may even lose their vision over time…i ask myself and those considering it is it worth your vision or overall health to get this surgery? Because afterwards you have to constantly use the drops and etc…smh having bright eyes doesn’t make your life better or easier…my cousin is like a golden brown complexion and has green eyes and has had a life worse than anyone (because of his actions of course), and I’m dark brown with deep brown eyes so your eyes have nothing to do with anything, your personality determines that…i know Tiny is biracial but i’m thinking she’s not feeling her self…

  2. I was born with green/hazel colored eyes and I dont see where this had ever made a difference about anything other than a few random comments of you have pretty eyes every now and then. I would not chance anybody doing anything to my eyes. I am thankful that I dont have to wear contacts or glasses, I hate even putting eye drops in my eyes so I know I would want to change them for vanity. To each his own I guess.

  3. A student in London went blind after having this surgery in Panama.Fortunately after a doctor in London removed the implants her vision returned after three months.The story was in Daily Mail.
    People say Tiny has self esteem issues due to all the negative comments online about her appearance.But to risk blindness…SMH

    1. ^your eyes are so sensitive y.
      to risk a procedure for self esteem issues?
      didn’t she get her body done as well?
      i’m mad t.i. didn’t even know she did it.

      i want to tell her that t.i. still gonna cheat.
      ain’t no dick THAT good…

    2. Yea, she does have have insecurities and she is unsatisfied with the way she looks. That is why she had everything else done to her body as well, but it don’t matter how much she changes the outside, the inside is where the problem is. She needed a self-esteem transplant.

      1. People are going to start trying to get this shit on the black market that is what is going to happen. Looking at some of these people makes me queasy to my stomach. Just looks weird. People don’t understand that your skin tone and features compliment each other. You can’t tell people nothing.

  4. If she were black, I’d have a lengthy comment about it but since she not black but is mixed, mulatto or biracial so I suppose that that eye color fits in with her white heritage.

      1. No, she’s not black. She’s mixed, mulatto or biracial. And I didn’t make her that–God did. And as for white people not claiming her, how is that my problem? How is that the problem of black people? It isn’t!

      2. Dean, you have been trolling lately. Tiny is mixed with both races, so she can identify as as both. You accuse other people of self-hate, but you dislike other races. It’s not fair. I peeped the comment you made last weekend about that guy who resembles Nathaniel. You said his ass was nice, but stated the fact that it wasn’t black, which was a backhanded compliment, and it wasn’t needed at all. You did the same with Tank’s girlfriend as well. She is mixed with African American even though she looks Caucasian to some. Now on the post after this one, you approved of Sanaa Lathan dating Tyrese. Sanaa is Native American and African American. Her mother is Native American and her father is African American, which makes her biracial right? I guess that also means that Tyrese is in a relationship with a woman who is not African American. One minute you are against interracial dating and the next you aren’t. I’m confused.

      3. The Man. I’m happy that you read my postings. Thank you.

        First: Regarding Sanaa Lathan, the websitge “ethnicelebs” says this about her: “Her first name, Sanaa means ‘work of art’ in Swahili. Some websites state that she has Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this ancestry has been verified/documented.” Even if it is true, that doesn’t mean that she’s not black.

        Now, there are people who are sufficiently diluted of their black DNA that they are not black. No race of people is “pure” so having some other-than-black ancestry does not make you not black. Just like having some other-than-white ancestry does not make you not white. Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black.

      4. The Man: Second, this is what I believe about interacial relationships:

        Love is love is love. That is a person of one ethnic/racial group can come to love a person of another ethic/racial group and that’s fine. People have been “mixing” since the dawn of time.

        On the other hand, we know that there is a tremendous amount of self-hating racism among African Americans whereby they hate black/African features-dark skin, broad noses, full lips and strong/nappy/tightly coiled hair. And because of that self-hating anti-black racism, they see is superior/preferred white/European features–pale skin, pointy noses, thin lips and stringy hair. I don’t know whether or not Reggie Bush’s affection of his white wife is influenced by this self-hating racism but I do reject racism in all its form and all its permutations. (We do suspect that his affection of his wife is influenced by that racism because in the USA, we swim in racism/racist media all day, every day.) So, I cannot agree with your attitude “as long as they’re happy, good for them”. I say “As long as they are happy and not influenced by racism, good for them.” I reject racism in all its forms and permutations–even if it is disguised as “just love”. And I invite you to reject racism in all its forms and permutations.

        I think that you will agree that my expression above indicates that what I don’t like is racism–in every form and permutation.

      5. The Man: Third, this is what I believe about what it means to be black:

        The black race has the highest rate of albinos of any race. And yes, such albinos are fully black. On the other hand, this so called “one-drop” theory that says that if you are part black, then you are black is a bunch of bull. First, it was invented by the racist white slave-owner for the benefit of the racist white slave owner and not the slave. And I will not have my views dictated by dead racist white slave-owners. Second, it’s racist. It’s based on the theory that black blood is a taint so much so that it taints and spoils all the other blood that is there. And that as a taint, all must be thrown in the garbage that is the black. I’m not going to co-sign on a racist theory that sees me and my ancestors as the functional equivalent of garbage. (I am not garbage and neither are my ancestors!) Third, it has no basis in reality. It says foolishly “To get more oil, just add water.” (With the black heritage being the “oil” and the anything else being the “water”) That’s foolish. At some point, if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later it becomes oily water. And if you add enough water to the oil, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from plain water and will be fit to drink. At some point if you add water to oil, it becomes unable to lubricate and stops functioning as oil.

        Therefore, Pan-Africanist American-African writer, historian and professor John Henrik Clark wisely said “You cannot make a good African between the legs of a European woman.” You cannot make more oil by simply adding water. To think that you can is foolish.

        (Racism is the belief that one race is inferior or superior to another race. The “one-drop” theory with blacks as a taint, as garbage clearly fits into that racist scheme.)

        Now, there are people who are sufficiently diluted of their black DNA that they are not black. No race of people is “pure” so having some other-than-black ancestry does not make you not black. Just like having some other-than-white ancestry does not make you not white. Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black. Furthermore, one’s race or ethnicity is not like a club. You either are or are not “born that way”. You can’t join it like a club. They are people—just not black people. They are humans—just not black humans. Such people include President Obama, Mariah Carey, David McIntosh, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, Benjamin Jealous (former head of the NAACP who is 90% white by DNA), Melisa Harris-Perry, etc. (Halle Berry foolishly said that since she was black, her daughter is also black. Well, the fact is that Halle Berry is half-black so is biracial and that her daughter is born of a white man so is ¾ white! Such foolishness!) (And Tiger Woods is ¼ black and ½ Chinese! Yet some want to call him black! Correction: He’s mixed race!) Such people are mixed, mulatto or biracial. I oppose racism in all its forms and permutations (including the racist canard called the “one-drop” theory) and I ask you to oppose racism in all its forms and permutations too.

      6. The Man: With regard to interracial relationships let me just add this:

        So this is simple, interracial relationships based on “love” are fine. Interracial relationships based on black self-hating racism are not fine and are anathema.

        So, The Man, I think that I have addressed your concerns and questions. Should you have any further concerns or questions of me, please do not hesitate to ask.



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